As We Close This Year 2021

Dear friends,

Here we are again, at the end of another year. For some it was difficult, taxing, and stressful and for some it was new beginnings and personal growth. For me, though I had some personal challenges and a brush with death, I considered 2021 incredibly satisfying and full of growth and change.

I signed eleven individual authors of both poetry and fiction as well as releasing the gorgeous art and poetry anthology Creation and the Cosmos and the unique horror short story anthology The Hawthorne Project, both of which I’m incredibly proud of.

Starting off the spring with Hidden Bear’s second edition of Moleskine on a Coffee Table, followed in summer with emje mccarty’s delightful short story collection Tangled Together, Brandon White’s second book Real Big American Zen, and John A Graser’s debut Memoirs of an Addicted Mind. Autumn rolled in with poetry veteran Dan Provost’s gritty A Fistful of Ponies, Jhanjhri Shah’s moving Eyes See Soul, and the unapologetic poetry of V.R. McKoy in The War for Solace. Ryan Deckard re-released his debut short story, The Witch and the Wish and now here in December J Matthew Waters gave us Derecho while Braeden Michaels delivered Growl from the Sun.

It’s been such an honor to work with each and every writer, both within the anthologies and the single author books. I believe in every single one of these men and women and I hope you’ll give some of them a look and follow.

On another platform I shared some of the books I read this past year by indie authors and here they are for you too! Most of which I’ve written reviews for. At the end of this post I’ll add the list, in case any are of interest to you. I hope you’ll check some of these authors out because most of them are really, really amazing.

Moving into this upcoming year, I have several more books currently in the works to be released from Raw Earth Ink. This includes the next book from emje mccarty, a poetry book from G.M. Manzi, the new book from fantasy author Ryan Deckard, and more.

Along with writing and sharing my passion for helping others realize their dreams of being published become a reality, I will be sharing more of my art and amateur photography with you. I hope you’ll continue along with me on this journey of creative ventures and as always, keep the conversation going.

Love and light to you all,

~tara caribou

How about you? What are your plans for this next year? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!!

  • Letters to Jupiter by Lotté Jean Elliott
  • Forty Five Revolutions by J Matthew Waters
  • Shorts: a take on poetry by Eric Daniel Clarke
  • Lost in the Hours by River Dixon
  • Found Friends and Questionable Newcomers by Eric Keegan
  • Moleskine on a Coffee Table by Hidden Bear
  • Creation and the Cosmos
  • DarkEND by _hydrus
  • History of Present Complaint by HLR
  • Mangetout by Guy Portman
  • Smorgasbord by Francis Lamanna
  • Tangled Together by emje mccarty
  • AwakEND by _hydrus
  • These Days Drip from Me by River Dixon
  • A Distilled Spirit by Joseph Pinto
  • Mythos by Phillip Douglass
  • Real Big American Zen by Brandon White
  • The Poetess by Jacob Dring
  • Snug by Jon Perry
  • Memoirs of an Addicted Mind by John Graser
  • The Handbasket by Lucas Vore
  • A Fistful of Ponies by Dan Provost
  • Unpaved Crossroads by Braeden Michaels
  • This Might be Love by Jacob Dring
  • Works of Friction by D.B. Wright
  • Eyes See Soul by Jhanjhri Shah
  • Eaters of Thought by Jacob Dring
  • From my Front Steps by Joseph Pinto
  • Rain on Cabrillo by Mark Tulin
  • Primrose Isle by Lou Rasmus
  • Lost Among the Lost by Brian Filson
  • A Cage for the Wind by Dave Matthes
  • The War for Solace by V.R. McKoy
  • Anshar by Patrick Walts
  • Woman Messiah by Tallin Jalo
  • Liberty by Patrick Walts
  • Derecho by J Matthew Waters
  • Devour by Jacob Dring
  • Chasing the Moon by Jenny Hayut
  • Nights in the Snow Garden by Lotté Jean Elliott
  • HeartEND by _hydrus
  • Crawl Cram Grind Fail by Bill Gillard
  • Scotch and Scars by Joseph Pinto
  • Lightning Rhymes by Navin Manik
  • The Witch and the Wish by Ryan Deckard
  • Dark Heart of the Earth by Jacob Dring
  • The Hawthorne Project
  • Growl from the Sun by Braeden Michaels
  • Dreams from a Locked Room by Luke Oately

23 Comments on “As We Close This Year 2021

  1. A few more here that I shall be looking into in a bit more detail I think. May I wish you all the very best for the coming year, Tara, and rest assured I will be very much a part of your journey. (Just realised how threatening that sounds!!). Chris

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    • Not threatening at all, Chris. To me, it sounds like a blessing!! You’re the very best and I am so happy to know you.

      My goal is to get all your book reviews up in January. Be patient with me!

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  2. The dawn of 2022 here, I feel energised, up early taking in the day, so many titles in your post, some known, some not so, a pleasure to be amongst. I’ll see you, your words, your images of your world, take care my friend, may this year be good.

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  3. I’m glad to hear you were able to survive 2021 and even view it as somewhat positive.
    Last year’s been OK for me – brush with death, too, work promotion, personal growth, etc. This year is shaping up to be BUSY. I hope I can figure out what to tackle and what to put off to maximize my happiness.

    Happy New year!

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  4. do we ever ‘close’ a year? i feel glad that in the midst of such ‘interesting times’ so many people i know seem to have found things special, found purpose, found success, let alone connection and meaning – glad this has been the case for so many including yourself.

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