20 Things I’m Thankful for Today

I was reading another blogger’s post earlier titled the very same thing and I thought, yep, that’s what I need to do this morning. In times of distress and anxiety, I find it best to do this: remain ever grateful.

  1. Winter in Alaska
  2. The wild rabbits on my property
  3. My best friend, even though he’s 4,000 miles away
  4. A warm home
  5. My mom
  6. Excellent health
  7. My WordPress friends & readers
  8. All my publishing clients
  9. My PC & phone
  10. Living near the ocean
  11. Living rurally
  12. Food and fresh clean water from the earth
  13. Sunsets
  14. The night sky
  15. Peaceful surroundings
  16. The love of a few dear friends
  17. Unbounded creativity
  18. Forgiveness
  19. My analytical mind
  20. The ever-present Creator of All, author of Light & Life

If you decide to do something like this, feel free to share in the comments or link to your own blog post so I (and others) can read it!

Light & Peace to you all, tara caribou

33 Comments on “20 Things I’m Thankful for Today

      • I worry that they’re going to bury you deep… and that we will never find the body. Don’t be a victim!!

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        • As long as they bury me in their burrows of fuzziness, I’m good. Today, I lay on my porch (yes, in 0* F weather) and let the bunny tickle my face with their whiskers and hop on me. It was everything I dreamed it would be. 💕

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        • I’d say, “but then no one will want to date me….” But then I remembered, with or without the status, it’s the same result. Haha.

          Actually after some thought… maybe it would make me more… desirable LMAO.

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  1. This is an amazing idea. “A warm home” really got me… It’s often the small things we overlook and take for granted.

    Sometimes when I have a bad day at work I get home and I’m a little on edge lol and in many ways, I meditate in the comfort of my home. But not many are afforded the opportunity to do so. Some don’t even know where they’ll sleep or eat. Thanks for the dose of reflection, Tara. Much needed.

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    • Thanks for reading, OD! I’m one of those sappy folks who often waxes poetic about the “simple life” and how much I love it. Goodness, this afternoon I literally lay on my quite literally well-below-freezing-snow-covered porch and just hung out with the wild rabbits. I let them sniff me and climb on me and stare into my eyes and I thought, ‘there’s literally nothing better in life than this moment right here’. Sound ridiculous? I don’t mind. I’m a ridiculous, simple person. And quite at peace in the quiet (cold) solitude.

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      • Ridiculous? No way. That’s absolutely magical! Lol the part that kills me is how it sounds like a regular occurrence. Wow, I wish I had rabbits around me lol or any wildlife for that matter. It’s a quiet neighbourhood — but the spirit of gossip has it in a vice.

        This might sound a little cheesy (in many ways I’ve come to learn we don’t see anyones’ personal experience as such) but thank you for sharing that experience. That’s quite a selfless thing to do lol taking this precious moment and sharing it is like finding a fountain of joy and being like, “you know what, my friend could use some of this too”

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        • Sometimes I think I should share more of those moments, but I know often they’re very personal and others wouldn’t see them as special and also, I’m a weird hippie chick in the wilderness haha so I’m not sure how relatable it is.

          That said, I’m so glad you could share in the magic. I’ve had a few experiences with wildlife over the years which has always been, well, maybe not life-altering, but certainly something special.

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