Autumn Days Photography

Hi friends, as promised, a few photos to share from my little part of the world. One thing I love is my view is always the same, but it still changes from day to day. The way the light strikes a tree or a wave crashes. How different the clouds can look from one minute to the next. I spend a lot of time just looking and looking and looking. I hope you enjoy.

Mid-September brought first frost.
From a rest area in the mountains on the way to the city. The mountains all had “termination dust”… that’s the little bit of snow that begins to creep down the mountainside. When we see it, we know summer is terminated and winter is just about here.
Moose stew all canned. This batch is amazingly delicious.
Some days the lighting is so good.
Take for instance this! I just never need filters.
Panning over to the other volcano, which is shrouded tightly in white clouds like a blanket.
Of course, I’m out taking moon shots at night too. The clouds were moving fast this night and every photo is so different.
The next trip to the city a couple weeks later and the snow has indeed dropped quite a bit. In winter, you’ll see snow machine (aka snowmobile) tracks going straight up this mountain!
I had to stop on the highway for this… just too beautiful to pass up.
Panning to my right, to look further towards the Cook Inlet. This body of water is a bay. Beluga whales regularly come rub themselves on the sandy bottom.
First snow in early October. Just a tease.
I’ll be sharing more of this day in a different post. But the sunset was like lighting the clouds on fire. The direct beam of the sun through the clouds was intense. I was freezing in the snow but wow… I just kept shooting.
Maybe one more…

tara caribou | ©2021 All photos mine.

31 Comments on “Autumn Days Photography

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  2. Some beautiful shots Tara. Over here we are expecting snow towards the end of the month with temperatures set to fall to -10degrees C (I know that’s a mild day to you, but over here life will just stop!).

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  3. Great shots Tara! I love the Cook’s Inlet shot, looks beautiful there, and Beluga’s look like porcelain, I love them. Have to say, never had moose stew before, or moose anything, but I think it sounds yummy, I like game meats so…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think belugas look like porcelain too! Moose is a gamey meat but it’s what we have here. I prefer caribou, elk, and deer. But I am thankful to have the opportunity to get a moose every year.


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