Hello, Again

Dear friends; Well, it’s been a month since I posted anything here…. and that was something that had been scheduled for a month prior. So, about two months of inactivity, so the stats say.

Part of me cares. Part of me doesn’t. Part of me feels like I should offer an explanation. Most of me feels like, in the big scheme of things… no one (or rather, very few) really cares if or why I have been absent. Everything sounds like excuses.

To the five or so people who reached out to check in on me, your messages truly touched me and in every case, brought a smile to my heart. Thank you. I sincerely mean that: thank you. Knowing that I crossed a couple minds in the world, enough to reach out, wow, it’s humbling and I have no better words for you. I wish I did.

While I have been absent here, I’ve still been showing up pretty much every day over on Instagram but that is the fullest extent of my activities on social media. This is the longest break I’ve taken from blogging since 2016. Rest assured, I’m still creating. Some of it I’m sharing on Instagram. Most of it I am not.

Though I haven’t been here, I have been quite busy. I’ll be scheduling up some posts in the next few days. I’m super excited about the next few book releases from Raw Earth Ink. What am I saying?? I’m always excited. I choose to publish work that moves me personally. To publish people that I admire and respect. (With the exception of a few who burned me hard last year, who I have since cut ties with… just being honest here… I AM a real person, after all and not defined by my work or my business.) I’ll be linking to pages within my website for you, but also you can check out all Raw Earth Ink’s published works here.

I’ve also been reading some really great books this summer and I want to share a few of those with you all, so a few book reviews will be showing up. It feels weird to say “summer” as it has snowed several times since the end of September.

Add to that some great photos to share…. because we all know how much I love nature and where I live in Alaska. I know some of you enjoy those posts as well, so yes, I’ll be creating a few for your pleasure. 😌

Hopefully a few of my “followers” have stuck with me during this unexplained absence and will appreciate what I’ve got lined up. I’ve decided to alter my content slightly, and I hope that you’ll stay for that.

Your friend in the far north,
tara caribou

52 Comments on “Hello, Again

  1. Welcome back Tara, I just returned after what…10 months? Whew. Hope things have been going well and hope my comments will finally start showing up, ha! Look forward to seeing what you have lined up for us ☺️

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    • Thanks Jennifer! It’s always nice to see you. One thing I do appreciate about WP over IG is that the algorithms over there (Instagram) are terrible. They show only a few accounts in a “feed” rather than everyone. So then suddenly I come to realize that someone may be posting and it doesn’t show. Whereas here it’s a lot more rare for a person’s post to not show up in the feed. At least in my experience.

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  2. I didn’t notice you weren’t here so much, Tara…coz I, myself am on WP on/off…you’re very much present on IG, where I follow your lovely poems, amazing photos & other sharings…your creativity 💫

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  3. Hello… it’s good to see you even if it’s not often and I’ll be sticking around to see what you post. As usual I’ll keep up with you on IG to see what beautiful pictures you have 🙂

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  4. Hiya, Tara, lovely to see you back and I eagerly await reading/seeing your posts again. I totally understand your comments here – best to remember that when we write it is primarily for ourselves…if anyone else appreciates it then that’s great, if not then…
    Anyway, I hope that you are well and will speak soon.

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  5. Oh you’re back. That’s nice. Ha ha.

    I’m one of the special ones right? Don’t say special needs… even if it’s true.


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  6. I was on a month long break myself and still making my way to my favorite blogs – it is so good to find you here saying you are back too!! Look forward to the treasures you have lined up for us :))

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  7. Hi Tara, I left a comment a day or so ago that doesn’t seem to be showing. I’m working on a fix…can you click the like button or reply if this one works? Thank you 😊

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  8. Hi Tara, I started to believe you liked IG better than here. 😉 jk …Good to see you back, I’ve missed your posts! I have done opposite and am off of (mostly) social media. They stink real bad! Haven’t let go of IG yet, But, FB for sure!

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    • I don’t think it’s a bad thing! I remain on IG because I follow quite a few artist/photography pages there. It’s so inspirational to see the amazing things folks create every day.

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  9. No, I agree about IG, as an artist that is where I started but I am speaking more about FB and the controversy over the Zuck and the algorithms as well, but, now that’s part of FB so…idk.


  10. By the number of comments on this post, I’d venture a guess – people care.
    I didn’t reach out because I’ve been kind of MIA/all over the place myself, but when I saw your post I went: “Aye, I don’t think I’ve seen her stuff recently.”
    Glad to hear you’re OK and doing stuff.
    (Though it does make me wonder how they burned you)
    Stay golden.

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  11. I’m with Goldie, if it’s a numbers-game then you win, but I know it’s not and I know you don’t care about winning, which is one of many reasons you are my IT girl. Of course your work is missed though, because much as I know you like IG I loathe it and yes, you do a really good job on there, hands-down, but I still hate it so I prefer reading you here – so YAY to your return.
    I’m always so impressed that even when it seems like you are doing less you never are. I mean not saying we should be defined by how much we do but if we were, uh, yeah, you’d win something whether you liked it or not 😉
    I’m so impressed with The Hawthorn Project just popping out of the air unbidden you Mistress just DO SHIT WELL and that’s hard these days when so many try and so many fall short.
    If five people (and I count myself as one) reached out that is more than most of us get and I’m pretty sure you’re unforgettable. Okay …. certain

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    • Thank you, my desert queen! I count you among one of my very favorite people and a true friend. Keep shining your beautiful light on the world.


      • I count you as a real friend. I tend to say ‘friend’ a lot but most of the time I mean acquaintance or it’s more a term of respect. A friend is actually in my humble estimate, a rare thing. A real friend rarer still. Most people are in it for the moment, or what they can get, or they go with the flow. I’m too intense for that and I want a friendship like those we had as kids. You are that dark rose – the one that shines in the dark and makes me want to wander the woods again. Thank you for being such an inspiration and a break from the norm. You are everything that is original and creative and inspiring. I am so glad to know you.

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  12. Oh and if someone burned you .. well karma is going to eat them up big time because you’re one of the most generous and caring and giving people I have met here. So DAMN THEM and their burn that won’t stop you hopefully from continuing to do the incredible things you do.


  13. I didn’t reach out, but I thought about you nearly every day over the past three weeks. Wondering what could have happened and I’m sorry for not having sent an email.

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    • Oh Matt, it’s okay. There’s never a requirement to reach out to someone… only I’ve been thinking (again) about how important small gestures are that we may never understand. A smile here, a hello, a helping of groceries, a hug, a “I miss you” or “you are cared about”.

      I missed your posts but still I stayed away. I’m slowly coming back. I hope you and your family are well. 💕


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