Sunshine and Raindrops Photography

Hello friends. The last month has been a whirl. I took a week off as I do every year for subsistence fishing (salmon) only to fall very sick for a full two weeks, hence the lack of activity on your blogs. I confess I probably will not be able to “catch up” on all your fine posts but I’m back to read now.

I thought I’d share with you some nature photos from July before I fell ill. I hope you all enjoy.

Beach grass
Wild lupine
One thing I love about lupine is how the raindrops collect on the leaves.
Pink lupine
Some beautiful sunsets in July
No filters, just a thick haze from the chemtrails
Clovers smell so sweet in the rain
A noxious weed but still pretty
Sun through the alders
Pushki (cow parsnip) flowers, these stalks were about eight feet tall.
A few hours to sunset while fishing.
Wild bunny on the edge of my driveway.
Again, no filters, just a hazy pink sun due to all the chemtrails lately.
Wild rose
The rain is my favorite. Everything is so fresh and clean and beautiful.

tara caribou | ©2021 all photos by me

45 Comments on “Sunshine and Raindrops Photography

  1. Beautiful as always! That orange weed looks like a flower we have out here called Devil’s Paintbrush. What’s it called?

    And I would like to know more about chemtrails…. What are they? I’ve heard of them though….

    I could eat salmon in all of its preparations every single day.

    Hope you are feeling better. You haven’t missed much on my blog… I have barely been posting or reading. Out enjoying summer too much! 😎 🌞

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    • I would have to look up the name. I just know it takes over and we are supposed to kill it if it grows in your yard because it’s not native to the area and will kill off the natural plants.

      I wish I could mail you some of the salmon.

      I totally understand about being out. I’m the same. Even when I was sick I was out on the porch and going for walks as much as possible. Summer is always so busy for me but it’s short.

      Chemtrails are also known as cloud-seeding, part of weather modification that has been happening for decades all over the world. Basically chemicals, mostly heavy metals are sprayed in the atmosphere which causes a lot of repercussions, such as blocking the sun and creating clouds and other weather phenomenon. Many people noticed it was rarely being done in 2020 but in early 2021 they seem to have ramped it up hardcore all over the world. There are some people who don’t “believe in” chemtrails but uhhhhh it’s right there before our eyes. Chemtrails are not to be mistaken for contrails. Contrails are very short trails, or wakes, left behind a jet, somewhat like a boat’s wake in the water. Chemtrails are long sprayed lines which typically you’ll notice will create clouds or alter the weather, sometimes quite rapidly. Often they will criss-cross to cover a larger area but sometimes they will simply be in straight parallel lines. Typically chemtrails are sprayed over more populated areas and in the line of the sun’s path.


  2. That Pinky Peachy sun is so beautiful, what time of day did you see it? I saw it early in the morning on my way to work, and I tried to take a picture of it with my phone but it came out like a small dot. You obviously had that professionally done. Do you take professional photos too?

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    • I want to say that I took the sunset photos around 10:30pm but I’d have to get on my computer to look for sure. Any photos I do of the moon or sun are with my real camera, which is nothing special, just a Nikon. I don’t use filters or anything, the sun really did look almost exactly like that because the chemtrails were so bad those days. Super hazy, it looked like smoke it was so bad. When I zoomed in, I could even see the reflective material they sprayed, it was ridiculous. The moon was an odd pink color as well, but I haven’t shared any of those photos (yet).

      I’m definitely not a professional photographer nor do I have professional equipment. I just take photos for fun.

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      • I believe you about the sun’s color because I was able to see it with my naked eye. How it appeared in your picture is exactly the way it looked that morning when I saw it. It was behind me. I saw it in the rearview, and then when I got to work I tried to take the picture with my phone. When I saw your picture it just caught my eye because I never thought I’d see the sun in that color again. We get those damn chemtrails too!

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