The Moon Brings Hope

My heart aches.
I long for that spark,
that touch of understanding.
My face is a grimace;
My hands lift.
My fingertips tremble.
I look to the east:
hope rises with the moon
and sets with the waking sun.
Morning rests upon my face, but
all I crave is the night
and the promise that it brings.
My heart aches.
My soul quivers.
I watch the stars for you.

tara caribou | ©2021

53 Comments on “The Moon Brings Hope

  1. so many things in this one.
    the longing. who doesn’t or hasn’t felt that in a heart wrenching way at some time?
    hope is everything, but for some reason your references to the moon and the sun immediately brought to mind robert frosts ‘nothing gold can stay’ – maybe craving the night is to avoid losing the gold – hello darkness my old friend …
    then the stars – i live roughly a thousand miles from the nearest city – unless under total cloud cover there is never darkness here, even on moonless nights – maybe that is the irony?
    loved it. needed this one today especially.

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    • I don’t think I’ve read that. I guess I crave the moon because I’m a night owl and that’s when I feel alive and awake and thoughtful. The sun isn’t my friend.

      It’s summer here so I haven’t seen the stars for a while and it’ll be a while before I do again. I miss them. But I stare at the sky regardless.

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  2. In Shakespeare’s time the moon was seen as unfaithful because it changes, but you’ve captured the real beauty of it: the moon, like hope, is always there, even when we can’t see it, and it never outshines the stars.

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    • Yes. It has been seen as unfaithful and a trickster. But I view it in a different way, because I am more of a night person than a day person, I suppose. I love the night sky and all the hope and wonder it brings. Thanks for stopping by and the great comment, Christopher. (Your short story Daniel & the Gryphon is still one of my favorite short stories ever.)

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  3. Yo. I felt this, deeply.

    I sometimes feel like it’s a perpetual state of our existence lol like all we have is hope, because without it, well…there’s nothing.

    Feels good to be back. It’s home 🙂

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  4. Some achieve more understanding during the nights more than they do in their days , which is how I feel when I feel consumed with nights presence ✨ love this

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  5. This is good. Good job!
    Also, I wanted to thank you again for that book review. It was really helpful, and it helped understand my writing-if that makes any sense.
    But, yeah I like this poem. lol

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