Just This Once

I’m digging deep.
Trying, hoping to become
what I think you want me to be.

I’m holding tight.
Gasping, desperate to breathe.
Daring myself to become more.

I’m reaching, stretching
begging for your hand.
More than just an idea
or an artist or a passing fancy.

I’m digging deep.
Spreading myself thin.
Reckless almost.
Frantic to find the ledge.

Praying just this once
you’ll see deeper into me.

tara caribou | ©2021

22 Comments on “Just This Once

  1. i feel that is reflective of a massive mistake that i have made more than once, and probably will make again … im not sure if thats what you meant or intended but it is where it landed for me …

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      • tara, as i am sure so many others who respond genuinely and emotionally to your writing, i think the wonderful thing about all this is that, fortunately even, we ‘can’ be on the ‘same page’ as much as that page might be terrible. i’d bet that for every ‘fool’ willing to share their emotions (like you, so may others here, and me) there are many who don’t for whatever reason, but none the less find something fundamentally important to their growth or understanding in what is written – i’d be more than willing to welcome more ‘fools’ to the fold – i wish more would share, its actually not foolish at all. isn’t that why we write in part? so people know they are not alone and to work out if we are? for me that is real and cathartic and such an emotional roller coaster when i read something that feels so resonant with my experience. sometimes it pins me so hard i wonder what the hell the writer knows about me? how could they feel this way? the same? i thought i was the only one …
        writing is so damn important.
        you never know what impact you are having on others – but even if it is small, it is still so incredibly worth it. occasionally what you write has a small impact on me – most of the time it is much bigger. much much.
        look at the comments others leave. i’m not the only one 🙂
        thankyou …

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        • I’m in complete agreement. Creating, whether through writing or other mediums of artistic expression, is somehow healing. It’s a release of emotions we are otherwise unable to express. It’s a reaching out. A sharing of the load. A comma between thoughts/experiences. So of course those expressions reach different places and depths within each of us. Some remain on the surface. Some dive deep. Some sucker-punch and some melt in. That’s one of the most wonderful things about being Human.

          I sure appreciate you, my friend from far off places. You have touched my heart in many, varied ways… and for that, I am forever grateful. 💕

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  2. I’m so into this one. Really attracted to it. You wrote this incredibly. And it’s so relatable. I think we all have these moments when we think this–hope for this (that we can be more or something better)–and you put in a really poetical way. And hopefully then we also realize that we’re good enough the way you are. Really, exceptional work. This one deserves a lot of praise!

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    • Thanks Benjamin. Honestly, I wrote this a few weeks ago and it’s been sitting because I was unsure it would be understood or relatable. It just didn’t feel right… until it did. Hard to explain. The fact that you left this comment.. just really made my day. I am constantly humbled when folks like you read and share your thoughts with me. Thank you.


      • You’re welcome! I know what you mean. And I’m glad you figured it out and posted it. It’s really well done. It’s got all the things that a poem needs, and it’s entertaining as well! Great images.

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