Spring Break-Up Photography

The river finally broke up.
I’m often struck with awe on the rare days the ocean is glassy calm like this.
Storm across the inlet.
Reflection as the tide goes down.
Beached ice from the river, left behind as the tide receded.
But the sun is quickly melting them away.
Most of the local waterfalls have thawed.
Shining through the crack.
Enormous cottonwood growing down through boulders. I’ve got photos of these trees from the late nineties and it was huge then. These are the roots.
Root, rock, root, rock. I wonder when this boulder will finally break apart.
We all know I’m a sucker for foamy water on rocks.
My peace.

tara caribou | ©2021

All photos by me.

59 thoughts on “Spring Break-Up Photography

      1. i feel like i could just dive into those photos … they capture far more than just light and colour. i feel the sensation and emotion of the photographer at the time the photo was taken – that’s wonderful …

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  1. Amazing. As usual.

    (how about posting some crap pictures once in a while, that way I can say, ‘yeah, not bad, maybe some room for improvement, that way I don’t sound like a broken record)

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    1. You know, I think I’m gonna do just that, Jo. And I’m going to tag you so that everyone can ultimately blame (or thank???) you. HA! You’ve inspired me once again… I’m going to look through my phone and/or computer and find some poorly done ones. 🤔 now… do I caption them as if I can’t see how terrible they are, or…. ?? 🤔


    1. I love the snow… and I am already missing it, though it’s not quite gone where I live, but mostly. Sighhh. Hopefully it will be a short summer. We are about a month early on how fast it’s melted right now. 🥺

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  2. I love the close ups – especially the frozen beach ice. The close ups show the beauty on a level we often overlook. It reminds me of my own artwork – both your comments on this blog and your photos. Thank you for sharing.

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