Knowing Me (astral alignment)

Knowing me, as I do
This won’t happen

There’s no special alignment
Of stars or planets for me

For I am
Worthless, apparently
Not worth a little time or energy

Always I try
To make the right decisions
But they always seem to be
Poor in the end

I’m haunted
By sin and regret

Just once
I want it to go right
I want to be loved
I want to be the most important person
In someone’s eyes

Maybe even for just a week?
A day, perhaps?

I want to be held close
And tightly

I don’t want my motives questioned
I don’t want to take a backseat
Or be an afterthought

I want my heart to make just one
Good and perfect decision


Knowing me, as I do
I know this won’t happen
It’s not written in the stars for me

For I am

tara caribou | ©2018-2021

Read more like this in my poetry book, Fallen Star Rising.

31 thoughts on “Knowing Me (astral alignment)

    1. I agree, that does seem to be the case oftentimes. For me, I noticed once the deep introspection passed and I was able to, with a clearer, more analytical mind, step back and review my own self, in whole rather than in the smaller parts, I could see my actual reality rather than from just the one small perspective… if that makes sense. I have found that the things I thought I needed, could be filled with other things quite as well, maybe better. I am content.

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  1. Wow! Such an Awesome poem, My Dear!!! Bellissimo! So full of deep and beautiful emotions! Such a Beautiful capture of a yearning heart!! Could You? Would You, be so kind to all your devoted followers, like me, and turn this into The Perfect Post – by adding an audio recording of you reciting this so that we can close our eyes and visualize and feel your voice conveying all the feelings and emotions this piece holds. So we can fully focus on the feelings of your heart instead of being distracted by the words??? Please, Please? 😊😁✨👍

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