Moons on a Monday… and a Little More Photography

I hope you don’t mind me sharing a few more photos. I’ve been spending quite a bit of time staring outside and walking around because I fear winter is coming to an end and I’m getting a little sad about that. I swear it just started but then I look at the calender and realize, oh yeah, it’s been five and a half months since first snows… sighhh.

Open skies and sunset nearing.

One of those moody days at the beach and crystal clear views.

Cloudy all day but then as the sun set, it poked out below the clouds and lit up everything pink… for like six minutes.

Should we talk about the fact this sign is in a three foot ditch or that I am going to miss all this snow all too soon?

Shooting the moon at sunset but then I saw the bunny sitting so cute directly below it. Had to go back and forth, bunny, moon, bunny, moon.

Worm moon, so they say, but there won’t be any worms showing up anytime soon… except in my composting bin.

Sunset three minutes after the pink one (below).

Pink sunset looking away from the set, frozen ice on the dock pilings.

Moon above the bunny, several days ago.

Outrageous sunsets. No filters. Unreal.

tara caribou | ©2021
All photos taken by me.

57 thoughts on “Moons on a Monday… and a Little More Photography

  1. Gorgeous pics, Tara!
    So near, yet so far… my book parcel has arrived at the local post office. Sadly I was unable to liberate it this morning as ‘the system is down’. But at least it’s here!

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        1. Hahahaha! Ummm no. It’s less arms and more legs lol. I think I like shoveling because when I was a kid, my dad’s rule was no driving on or walking on fresh snow in the driveway. This wasn’t a city driveway… this was a large gravel pad big enough that ten vehicles could very comfortably park with room to turn around, then the wide driveway that turned and came down the hill to the house… well, when it snowed, all us girls (my mom and the three kids) had to get outside and shovel. Shovel shovel shovel. So either you make the best of the hard work and fine enjoyment in it, or else you let yourself be miserable and tortured every second. I chose to enjoy myself. So I guess that has carried over into my adult life: I love shoveling snow. It feels like you’ve accomplished something, plus all the fresh clean air. Now, in my forties… it’s not as easy as it was and I can’t go as long as I could… but I still enjoy it. It’s satisfying work.

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    1. That white mountain is a volcano, which is why it rises above the rest. From my section of the beach, I can see four volcanoes on good days. I’m sure you can see the theme of my photography is nature (haha) go figure. 😉

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        1. By the way… you inspired me… seeing all your beautiful art on society6 made me feel like I should finally just do it. I’ve been considering it for several years when another blogger I follow shared their work and I bough a couple of her stickers… and I kept thinking in the back of mind that maybe I’d do that. But after looking at your work and making the (tough) decision which one I wanted, I decided… I’m going to do this! So I set up the initial page but haven’t uploaded any art yet. But: thank you!! When I finally get some work up, I’ll make a post, I’m going to mention you, because you inspired me.

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