Flicker of Thoughts

in a way, it was savage
the way you held my hand
a little too tight
a little too firm
nails biting into
the back of my hand

in a quiet corner of my mind
there stood a tiny thing
just a flicker of thought
in the recesses, shadowed
shrouded in doubt
yet true nonetheless

and I knew, I really knew
there was no mystery
I’d read the signs
you stood a little too close
breath heavy, hot on my neck
I swayed but stood my ground

every movement you made
a veil lifting behind my rapidly
blinking eyelids
memories marching forth
revealing all your true intentions
every phrase holding hidden meaning

and the flickering thought brightens
the idea, a plan, formulating
I will break these shackles
the weight, the savagery will lift
your influence will, like reins, loosen
I will see my freedom

if only I feed the courageous flame

tara caribou | ©2021

Another in my series of using blogger site titles or tagline as a writing prompt. The poem has no relation to the blog or blogger other than using their title (in this case, “Flicker of Thoughts” from Cassa Bassa) as a prompt. I hope you enjoy!

38 Comments on “Flicker of Thoughts

      • no, not vague at all, open to interpretation would to me be a far more appropriate assessment – vague is absolutely not what i meant though i can see how my rather brief comment gives that impression. thats one of the things i like about ingesting the writing of others both into my mind and my soul, and often the writing determines what path it takes. literal is often good, but literal is just that, the writer owns it and others appreciate it, if it has a synergy that is wonderful but often appreciated as an observer – writing open to interpretation often feels like a real gift to me, the reader. its like the writer has given me something to try on, something to feel and to embrace, something that could be my own … maybe.

        this read as something that could be either literal or a metaphor. at each line, it could be taken on the surface or left to interpret – i could watch, or i could be part of it – one can admire a pond from the edge, one could skip stones across it, or one could just dive in – for many reasons the pond could feel familiar and welcoming … the protagonist could be someone, or it could be something within me, or it could be ‘something else’, a vice perhaps.

        sometimes writing has a nice view, it hints it wants more and if i give it more, then i dive in … but somehow thats often a bit of a journey for the reader i think … and isn’t that a wonderful thing!

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        • One reason I love your comments is because you offer so much depth in them and while I myself may not articulate as well as you do, I find myself in full agreement under most circumstances. So inside myself I’m saying, “yes! Here’s someone who really gets it!” and not just the surface stuff.

          Indeed there are often times I try to leave the interpretation up to the reader. What it means to me may be quite specific but I feel it could have more than one application.

          I sure appreciate you and your conversations. Perhaps more than you realize.

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  1. I like the intensity of this moment and also the larger theme of breaking free. I think many of us are shackled in one way or another and have this longing to break free 💫


  2. Very apt these days I am afraid Tara, certainly on this side of the water where there seems to be a shift towards misogynistic behaviour. Can’t quite get my head around the reasons for this backwards movement but it is somewhat disturbing.
    Anyway, great poem.

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