The Thin Veil

At the edge of tomorrow,
there stood a moment,
stretched out before me,
the veil between this life and the beyond
spread thin.

A separation of body and spirit.

I wrestled.

On the one hand,
peace and rest.
On the other,
small hands and tearful eyes and
memories that will never be forgotten.

The moments wore on
as the battle surged
this way, then that.

I want the release.
I don’t want it.

I held on to the physical realms.
I implored into the spiritual one.

Give me wisdom and courage,
I have none.

Three times
I have stood here.
Three times
I came back.

Twice I wanted release
and was denied it.
The third,
circumstances have changed.

I don’t love this world any deeper,
it holds nothing for me,
but I DO Love.

it’s tomorrow.
I’m still at the edge,
though now I’m kneeling
rather than standing.
Healing, perhaps
maybe I’ll even slowly back away
from this edge soon.
Priorities and responsibilities,
they never stay the same.
With each passing moment,
the veil thickens again.

tara caribou | ©2021

26 Comments on “The Thin Veil

  1. ultimately the world holds nothing for anyone … sometimes it seems like it comes down to how well we embrace and ride out the delusion for all it is worth, but then maybe baruch spinoza was on to something …
    i liked the scope for interpretation with this one – it doesn’t have to mean the same to the reader as it did to you, but it is clear it meant something to you and i found it had resonance with my experience. who knows what intersection might live in such interpretations …

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    • Mostly I write to get something out… but I also know that art is subjective and anyone could read it as any of a thousand different ways. I just appreciate you taking the time to read at all.

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  2. This is, both literally and figuratively, very close to the edge, Tara. We cannot always tell exactly what it is that leads us there – or indeed brings us back. Certainly it becomes part of who we are (perhaps it is that part of us that shows us the edge?) but does it alter what comes next? I’m not sure. I do think, however, that having had one foot across the line heightens and intensifies what we feel. Maybe, as writers, that is what we are trying to do – exorcise this part of us whilst keeping it close (which I feel is key).
    Anyway I’m rambling. Great piece, Tara.

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  3. That moment in the darkness in which I might just let go… over the edge, not pull back. Yet in the morning the temptation begins to subside. But for how long? I feel this, Tara.

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  4. The spiritual and the physical — feels like a never-ending dance; some might even argue that’s where the beauty lies. My personal take is “There is value in being aware of the spiritual and the physical” whatever it may mean to the individual. Being aware of our hidden and seemingly endless potential as well as our fragility and mortality.

    Made me think. Well penned, Tara.

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