Photography – Textures Edition

Hello friends, I’d like to share with you another set of photos. In these, I was thinking about texture. I hope you enjoy them.

Ash clouds after volcano eruption. Anchor Point, Alaska

Snow in ocean channel. Douglas, Alaska

Peach leaf. Washington

Wheat field. Washington

Can’t remember the name of this plant.

Wheat and lentil fields on the Palouse from on top Steptoe Mountain, Washington.

Cliffs above the Pacific Ocean. Cape Disappointment, Washington

Cottonball clouds.

Lakeside late winter. Eastern Washington

Lichen on rocks. Lake Lenore Caves, Washington

Grewingk Glacier, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Foamy ocean. Near Homer, Alaska

Fireworks in St. Marie’s, Idaho

Cedar tree.

Seaweed at low tide. Washington coast.

Fractals with snow and branches.

Train trestle. Off in the mountains near St. Marie’s Idaho

Low tide sandy beach. Near Homer, Alaska

Berries on dogwood. Spokane, Washington

Burning logs. Snake River, Washington

tara caribou | ©2021

All photos by me. Going through my archives… made me remember, I used to take photos. I always had my camera with me. And I used to really really enjoy it.

48 thoughts on “Photography – Textures Edition

  1. Freakin’ wow. Really, really good. I love the juxtaposition in some of them. Really good. (Vaguely I wonder if juxtaposition can be a photographic term… I’m willing to risk it)

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