Winter Photos January 2021

Hi friends, I hope you’ll like this batch of photos from my corner of rural Alaska. What lovely winter weather we’re having ❄️💕

Ice wall by the highway near Anchorage.
Almost home, about a mile to go…
High tide ocean ice flow.

Fresh bunny trail.

Local volcano, resting in the evening sun.
Sunset from my porch.
Just a little snowfall.
Ice on the river.
Further up the river….
I wish I could get just ONE pretty day instead of all these “just so-so” ones! 😉🤣

tara caribou | ©2021

All images by me. PS: if there’s a series of photos you’d like to see me post, let me know in the comments.

68 thoughts on “Winter Photos January 2021

  1. coldness like that is just not ok – great for photos but i don’t know how people can live in it … give me 40c and outback waterholes to swim in any day 😉 thanks for the photos though, they are wonderful !

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        1. Yeah, many don’t care for winter… but I am a lover of autumn and winter. Summer makes me depressed with all the sun. 🤷🏼‍♀️ If nothing else, one can appreciate the beauty from behind the glass, right?

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        2. Of course.
          I’m lucky enough to work in a wonderful environment,and you dress accordingly. The winters here are not as severe as yours, but I love the snow and so would gladly swap this windy,rain sodden patch for some good old snow

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        3. Yes! There’s definitely pros and cons to the various weather. Rain can make it quite miserable snow at least can be much drier… but it comes with its own problems. At least you get to breathe outside air instead of stuffy stale inside air!

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        4. This is true.
          I tried an office job once. I think I spent most of my time pacing the floor and wistfully looking out the all seems an age ago before the madness crept in to our lives and we where talked at as children if it’s recent madness or winter in a smoke filled woodland and getting wet,then I will get wet.

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        5. I’m a minimalist and could care less about money. So this works perfectly for me. I’m cash poor but rich in all the things that matter. 💕 and finding like-minded folks makes me smile.


        6. For me, no, as I have been this way my entire adult life. I don’t own very much and I prefer to either live in a small home or in a community setting. I really don’t need much to live. Sometimes I “go without” and that’s okay too. It makes me appreciate all the more what I do have.

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        7. Thank you. My background and upbringing was poor, son of a mining family so I suppose to better yourself you earner money.but if I’m honest it wasn’t until I was shown the pleasures of a book, the knowledge of reading and as a natural end to it all the bravery of writing and casting your thoughts to the world.
          But I consider as you mature through life money means less.

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    1. I was born and raised here. A little in my twenties and some in my thirties, I lived here and there in WA and ID but I’ve gone back and forth to and from AK until about ummm eight years ago I came back again for good. I don’t have any desire to be anywhere else. Nowadays I basically live the way I want to live. 💕

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      1. Thanks so fantastic! I have an image in my mind of how I want to live, and it involves being closer to natural beauty, like right inside of it.. in the backyard. You’re very lucky to live the way you want. My dream has to wait at least for my youngest to graduate high-school next year:).

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