Galactic Shift

my heart shifted
from ordinary to extraordinary
when you spoke to me
that first time

I flew from treetop to mountaintop
from mountaintop to troposphere
I swam on the surface and
dove deep beneath
from bright blue to deep black
then I rose above the clouds
to drift amongst the stars

the deeper I go between
the layers woven into layers
the blood in marrow
new birth

and I have become an electron
spinning around the protons and neutrons
which combined are
shaped just like you
the element Lv
building blocks of we

I can’t breathe without you
inhaling deep
you swirl in my brain and
these colors become more
motes of music
mixed in with the purples and greens
heat generated in the reds and
rest discovered in the oranges and pinks

one day I opened my eyes
and realized
I want your laughter in my ear
for the rest of my days
my hand resting lightly upon your chest
heartbeats pressing in
through the whorls of my fingertips

that same day that I knew
I want my name tattooed
across your lips
so that your tongue will
taste me constantly
and I
I will taste us both
there between my teeth

the first time I saw
your face behind my lids as
I cried out in ecstasy
a thousand galaxies
spun away in that very moment
a theory proven

you are my beginning and my end

come take my hand and
let us move
beyond the familiar
leaping together into
the abyss of exceptional togetherness

(we are breaking all the unwritten rules)

tara caribou | ©2021

Read more like this in my poetry book, Fallen Star Rising.

*okay, so yeah, I’m aware there really is a (synthetic) element Lv… but I’m not talking about that shit… I’m using poetic license, so please don’t go look it up and question me. I’m just talking about Love.

50 Comments on “Galactic Shift

  1. That was amazing.

    To elaborate more: first off, it’s a page-turner, so to speak. Line after line after line you read with your heart in your throat. Building up to that glorious climax of “you are my beginning and my end” and the little cool-down at the end equals perfect flow. Which is the most difficult thing to establish in longer poems, so you get applause for that.

    Second, the way you express the elation, the tumultuous highs, the wild twists and turns of what is being built is wonderfully chaotic, insanely colorful, positively vibrant and comes with your choice of two sides: you can choose from love, excitement, exhilaration, affectionate, passionate, intimate… and it’s all-encompassing, so every aspect of the connection made is covered and expressed. No stone unturned. No quarter given. Total.

    Oh, look, I stood up with the applause part. I’m all Orson Wells here.

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  2. I’ve been coming back to this poem for about a half an hour now. Must’ve read it maybe four times or so I guess. Okay, maybe five or six. There’s so much going on here, so much meaning and imagery. I kept finding stuff I hadn’t noticed the last time, because my mind was still absorbing something else. Or kind of reeling, more like.
    It’s so thrilling and alive and exciting. So interconnected and….I dunno. Woven maybe? Intricate in a way I can’t quite explain.
    I felt joy and exhilaration and all kinds o’ good things. And the part about biting lips with your name tattooed on them….oh golly. Sometimes your stuff just makes me melt. Like weak at the knees kind of melt.
    Oh me oh my.
    But my first impression has lingered consistently with every read through.
    This sounds different. Like you’re different somehow. Like maybe something’s shifted or changed about you. Something good.
    I dunno….maybe I’m seeing what isn’t really there. I did find myself doing a double take here and there, imagining meaning that wasn’t there at all. Maybe I’m imprinting something that’s going on in me onto the poem. But still….
    Something seems different. More than just content and tone. Something deeper.
    Maybe I’m just overthinking. Maybe I’m just nuts/

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    • My heart just about burst to overflowing reading your comment. Literally. Like my chest is aching. I don’t know if I should vomit or cry. Oh wait… yep, there it is: tears it is. I think you probably know me better than most in that you have followed me on this particular blog longer than almost anyone else. It means something to me that you can see a change in me. There are, as could be expected, several things going on, yes. I wove a little magic into this one, I’ll admit. And actually pulled it off, so that felt good. That you can attest to the shift even within yourself is incredible, in my mind. This poem is important, to me, at least. I actually was just reading it again because I was debating whether it will go in my book or not. I’m on the fence at this moment. Would you believe I had a whole other bit in here but I deleted it, trimmed it down. I’m not sure how I feel about that either. But this is what it is. This is who I want to be. Not just some wretched thing dragging others down with me (which, as it happens, is exactly what I’m writing about right now as well). There seems to be a shift happening. It’s just beginning. The question is, what side of the shift will you be on? Red shift or blue? And I think there will be a few yellow shifts as well. I suppose only time will tell. (And PS No. you are not nuts. Nor are you overthinking. Analysis is not a bad thing, Beautiful Soul. It is who you are. Rest in that.)

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      • Well I’m glad i didn’t induce vomiting.
        This shift that’s just beginning is intriguing, I kinda wanna press the point, but I won’t. Goddess knows your put enough o’ your heart n’ soul up here for people to see. Seems downright greedy to wonder and wish for more.
        And I like the idea that part of this poem has been deleted, seems kinda romantic and poignant to me. Like a sorrow and loss you don’t mind mourning. But that’s easy for me to say, I aint the one as lost the words.
        Red shift or blue, I wonder. Actually, I’m flattered as all go get out that I even figure on that spectrum.
        And thanks for sayin’ beautiful soul *blush* I do take rest in that.

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  3. You write so beautifully about love. Your words flow with effortless grace. It’s like you were born with poetry in your mouth, you know what I mean. I think , more than anyone I know in the writin world, you give writing and poetry new life and meaning.
    I like the way you let go in all your words. It’s all there , you can feel it and it’s so god damn honest. That’s what I love about your writing , Tara.
    I feel I got a soul sister in you. I hope we share poetry DNA lol 😊

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      • 🤗😊 you write wonderfully well, Tara. It makes me happy and proud to be reading your work.
        Keep warm and have a safe week.

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  4. Brilliant tribute to love’s wild passion, Tara – beautiful how you portray the soaring elation and exciting chaos of building a relationship and the joys of finding a true soulmate who’ll always share the affectionate and intimate moments. This was a joy to read! ❤

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  5. This is beautiful — multilayered to the point where, even at the fourth or fifth time through, I feel there is far more to grok than I have thus far. Thank you, tara, for this and more.

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    • Navin, thank you for saying this. Sometimes the intensity is too much, and sometimes it can be felt without overwhelming.


  6. Wow, you did an amazing job here of capturing the euphoria of love. It made my body react the way I do when I feel those feelings. Just a really wonderful poem. You always have this way of putting down vivid words that can be seen and felt just like experiences. So well done!

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  7. Extra great! “I want your laughter in my ear / for the rest of my days” (I know the feeling). This too is awesome “building blocks of we”, and that whole stanza really stood out to me. Fantastic poem!

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