Nature Photos: Up Close and Personal

Hi friends, today I have twenty close-up photos for your pleasure. I hope you enjoy them.

Tide pools.
Ice crystals on my truck.
Teeny tiny flowers.
Mussels with barnacles.
Geranium, dwarf dogwood, baby spruce tree.

tara caribou | ©2021

49 thoughts on “Nature Photos: Up Close and Personal

  1. Love the hoarfrost picts. It seems like we should see more of it here, but I’ve only seen really good batches about once a year. I assume it isn’t humid enough or that it gets too cold to develop properly (I think we’re gonna start seeing our sub-0°F in the next couple of weeks).

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    1. Thanks Michael. Yes, I used to have a great camera for these up-close photos, and they were the ones I used to sell the most. Now, my camera is great but not for up-close. And this iPhone isn’t that great either… but I still try. 💕

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      1. Yeah, can’t you post some ugly stuff… so I can something like, ‘jeez Tara, that’s hideous’. I’m starting to feel like a broken record… (records were these things in olden times and sometimes they’d get stuck… oh wait… you’re an gnarly old bat, like me, you probably remember records) 😜

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        1. I probably would. Unless you have like a huge hairy hunch back… but eventually I’d be like okay, Tara stop posting pictures of yourself you ego maniac! So really you can’t win.

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    1. The first one is from behind a wall of ice coming off a rock wall, there was a small space I could climb into and look out through the light of daylight shining through the ice. I’d say it was oh 4-6” thick. I have some cool shots from that stop, but none as good as reality.

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