Until It Passes

I haven’t left this cave,
my den,
in days
because if I do,
the sky comes crashing in again.

There’s a storm
brewing on the horizon
and it’s coming closer,

Should I turn to my left,
it rises.
To my right,
it looms.

One misstep and
the clouds split in two.

Rushing winds,
a downpour of emotions.
Whipped one way
and the other.

Better, then,
to stay still as a mouse,
Whiskers motionless.
Heart beating, silent.

it waits.
And waits.
And waits.

tara caribou | ©2021

19 thoughts on “Until It Passes

    1. Oh this has nothing to do with the plandemic and everything to do with the consequences of interpersonal relationships. Something to do with the storm of irritation if one chooses to live their own life and make their own decisions because we aren’t robots. I wrote this quite a long time ago when I was annoyed with someone. It’s all petty.

      (But I’m the same, I live my life as a free citizen.)

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  1. Beautiful parallels with so many different turmoils people are struggling with – sometimes we feel like huddling deep and waiting for the storm to pass by, other times we feel like facing it head on until it blows itself out.

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    1. It was their form of control. If I didn’t perform the way they wanted then I had to face the consequences of anger, yelling, spitefulness, or more. Better to just not do or say anything otherwise I faced the repercussions.

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  2. Nice metaphor – disturbing that, after all that the past 12 months have given, people find it so hard to relate, empathise and not turn their energy towards the positive. Perhaps it’s the nature of the beast. I’m with the bonobo.

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    1. It was a form of control. If I didn’t perform to standards, if I didn’t do exactly what and when at the correct time… the storm was anger and spite and yelling or more. Better to sit quietly and don’t do anything until allowed to. The wrong move could trigger the wrong response, you just never knew.

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