Seen One Evening in the Cold of Winter When Out on a Soulwalk

arctic fox lifts a paw, slides silently forth, starts, pauses, darts forward and claims a lusty prize for her children three, turns and dashes off, tail low, mouth full, hurriedly

growls and grunts heard from atop the carcass of an old moose, wolverine twists and tears frozen flesh, cares not for wolf or cold, only buries the shoulder beneath the snow for bleaker future days

little mouse in full moon silently skitters through snow tunnels twelve inches under crusty ice, a warm nest down southern branch but dried fireweed and lichen tufts draw her belly to the east

overhead, above them all, the mistress moon shakes down her hair of greens and purple, feathering, dancing, and combed with glittered stars so bright, her face shines with a smile, for she loves all her small children this night

tara caribou | ©2021

maybe next time I’ll share what they all spoke to me…

27 thoughts on “Seen One Evening in the Cold of Winter When Out on a Soulwalk

      1. So kind of you to say, milady! 😀 Really pleased you’ve enjoyed them so far. 🦌 🦊
        I’ve managed to get the eBook discount sorted now in case you were waiting to get the Kindle version. ❤

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      1. we are so insignificant in the cosmic sense, i love and always feel humbled by carl sagan’s commentry about the ‘pale blue dot’ photo. the moon has such a good view … most of the cosmos doesn’t even know we exist … this is all we have, we must make the most of it …

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