December Nature Photography

Wait up, hold up, it’s 20 of my favorite photos I took in December. I hope you enjoy.

Birch bark.
3.50pm almost sunset in early December.

Super high tide.

Ice in the harbor.

At a rest stop in the mountains.
Icy highway in the mountains, on my way home from the city. Only 120 miles to go…
No filter…. 4pm sunset.

I love the snow. More please.

I like the seaweed in the crash.

Almost a halo. Ice crystals in the air.

Last moon of the year. A few minutes before midnight on the 31st.

tara caribou | Β©2021

All images by me.

62 thoughts on “December Nature Photography

  1. Thank you for sharing these sublime photographs with us. Each one is a testament to your expertise with the camera. Thank you too for the helpful information accompanying a number of your photographs that enhanced our appreciation of them.
    Interestingly if memory serves me right our December sunsets occurred about the time of yours even though we are far further south

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    1. I can’t remember what time sunset was on the 21st but where I live, we gain/lose 3.5 minutes of daylight everyday (this time of year… in summer it gets to 5.5 mins a day). So it would have been setting around 3:30pm but you know some times I just don’t pay attention…. unless I’m photographing!!

      I do love nature of all types and taking amateur photos of it AND sharing it with others. It just makes me happy, you know?


      1. We gain or lose around 4 minutes of daylight throughout the year. As you say we don’t always make a note of the time unless it’s for a specific purpose.
        Thank you for sharing your photos with us. They are truly a joy to behold.

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        1. hhmmm… I’ve never shared videos on WP before. I always do them on IG… πŸ€” I guess I should see if there’s a way to share a video that isn’t a YouTube video…


  2. Well captured my friend!! Each image has a story to tell. I can feel that these are your happy moments. They ignite your passion & love of nature.

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