Laying on the grass, hand in hand

Together staring into the wide blue

A breeze slips across our skin

The longer we gaze up and up and up

Deep blue calls out to deeper blue

It’s almost as if we are floating

Weightless, tiny but always together

She sighs and I look over at her

A tear escapes the corner of her eye

Drops into her long curling tresses

Lifting myself to my elbow

I trace her lips with my fingertips

Her eyes shift to mine

They are fathomless blue themselves

Deeper I fall for they rival the sky above

Silver clouds gather, before they burst

I lower myself to her, my lips brushing hers

She tastes like vanilla and lavender

When her lips part, quietly needing

My tongue dips in, hungry

Her lids flutter closed and so do mine

When she wraps her arms behind my neck

It’s like we’re floating above the earth again

tara caribou | ©2020

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