Havoc and Consequence

My veins have turned metallic
There’s a coppery taste in my mouth
I’m dizzy and I’m sure I’m gonna vomit

Splinters in my hand
Easily slips through my fingertips
Picking at scabs
Weeping pus from oozing eyelids

The squeaking of the gurney’s wheels
Echos between my eardrums
Frigid ice upon my chest
Then ‘clear!’ and fire blooms

Tethered by a thin red line
Please cut me free, let me go
Pressure against my palm
From above I see you holding me

Crying, begging me to stay
I never was good at saying no
Hey you. Please don’t cry.

Two hours became seven weeks
In that other place and time
I learned to embrace the havoc and
s born from my decisions

Overcome your fears, release them
Really it’s just
Not as bad as you think it will be

tara caribou | ©2020

*please remember, this work has nothing to do with or about or towards the blogger mentioned, simply that I used their blog name/title/tagline as a writing prompt.

Thanks Mark. Here’s #mygifttoyou

I am consistently blown away by your incredible poetry. Each line has meaning within meaning. Layers folded within layers. Your lines are gorgeous and bewitching and life-changing. You astound me. ~tara

A couple years ago I used blog titles as prompts to write some poetry and flash fiction. Here’s one example. I think I’m going to do a few more, so if you’d like me to use yours, let me know.

34 thoughts on “Havoc and Consequence

  1. Oh this was… well having heard of flatlining experiences from those who were clinically dead before being pulled back, this is frighteningly accurate. Let me just say that and let the implications run their course.

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  2. I humbly bow and kiss your feet. Thank you for the much honoured gift of words, and kindness. I do love this post, bias be damned. So vivid and ‘point of viewing’. I love the lyrical lines of ‘Two hours became seven weeks. In that other place and time.’; your work is usually very pronounced and ‘sucker punching’ in it’s rawness, this opens up to the place of beyond for me….and i crave for more.
    Thank you, and please cough up more of these wonderful poems for us to devour.

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