BOOK RELEASE – Four by tara caribou

I’m happy to announce the release of my second poetry collection, four. Four is 185 pages of black-and-white photography and poetry by me. This book will only be available in paperback through me directly and on lulu as well as in e-book format on Kindle. The e-book releases December 1st and the paperback is available right now.

Back copy:

Wherever there is number, there is beauty.’ -Proclus, Greek Philosopher

Four. Four seasons. Four elements. Four phases of the moon. Four is the number of humanity in the physical realms and represents the now. It is a foundation in calmness and being grounded.

Within these pages you will discover fresh perspectives on love in its many forms. You will see the earth through the eyes of nature. You will feel the despair, the horror, of dark depression. You will feel the green tendrils of new love. Inside you may even experience what four can be within your own self.

The hope is that by the time you have finished, you will have viewed the soul of humanity, by the lens of nature, from a different angle.

62 thoughts on “BOOK RELEASE – Four by tara caribou

        1. Thank you! The cover is a photo I took of the sky (obviously and it was just such an interesting color that day! Nature (as I’m sure you know, inspires most of my work). I wasn’t sure if it would work for a book cover but it quite pleased with it.

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  1. Reblogged this on O.D. and commented:
    If you haven’t checked out Tara’s work. I’ll be the first to tell you you’re missing out. She’s got a new poetry collection out, titled “Four”, check out the excerpt for “Four” to get a taste of what to expect in her latest release.

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    1. Thanks so much ValentinA… I am currently sold out on copies but have more on their way… so please be patient while we wait 💕 It really means so much to me that you purchased a copy. Truly. 🥰

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