arctic cold seeps through bones
night sky, twinkling lights, crisp, clear
a moving star becomes something more
back and forth, back, forth, now around
circles and speed, defying logic
minutes earlier booms rattled the trees,
then our hearts
another light, brighter than the full moon
rises, rises, rests, holds, disappears
camera lifting as puffs of breath into the icy air
what is this?
not a single cloud and yet
the moon, blue, is nowhere
and then is suddenly is
unveiled yet my eyes refuse to turn away
blue, red, pale green, blinking
around and around
focus, steady, focus, click
in the shadows and yet feeling exposed
puff, puff, hold your breath
twenty minutes, thirty
my fingers glacial with chill
I blink and it’s gone, just gone
clouds form before my eyes
beneath and beyond its former shadow
thirty minutes later a jet races overhead
then another
and another
the stars watch it silent observation
turning ever over
the weather channel still shows
no clouds in our area though I see them
hours later
what are you hiding?

tara caribou | © 2020

18 Comments on “Unidentified

  1. so nicely written – i was there when reading it, just meshed …

    i’ve been out bush recently and slept under the stars though we have few clouds. we see many flights pass but few land – most bound for asia or europe. thankfully. our desert oasis is quiet and still.

    i really enjoyed reading it …

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    • Hi Mr Rider! I’ve missed you. That’s great you’ve been out in the bush though. There’s just nothing like laying out under the stars. It’s a bit too chilly for that here right now. 😉

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      • seems sometimes theres nothing that makes me feel like we are all so amazingly insignificant than sleeping under the stars in a vast expanse of nothing with no artificial light to dim their brilliance and thinking how many millions of years that light has travelled just to mesmerise my soul – yet how amazingly significant so many people are to me in this brief flash of time we call a lifetime and how people we don’t even know can touch us in ways they may never know. i’ve been here, but have neglected to comment on a lot …

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    • A UFO of some sort. Though, to clarify, I do not believe in “aliens” or alien UFOs. I mean Unidentified Flying Object. Clearly some sort of flying craft that isn’t the typical airplane/helicopter/etc etc. I’ve seen all sorts over the years, in different places. Always when there are other people around (so at least I know I am not delusional). Who knows what sort of technology is available that isn’t widely known about. I remember reading in, hmm can’t remember which science magazine now back in the early 2000’s when they released the fact they have cloaking (or chameleon) ability. That kinda blew my mind. And when you read these science journals/articles, you’ll find they will publish the work say today but it will say, in February 2015 or something several years back is when they discovered or created it but for whatever reason it’s not publicized until much later. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Anyway, there’s some strange things afoot. Especially with the leaps they’ve made in quantum physics… it’s really quite astounding.


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