Looking within, I see a vast darkness, twisting trails and hollows best left unseen. Vines wrap around my weakened ankles while my spine rattles in desperation.

Looking at you, I see verdant green and a cool breeze rustling the branches. A breath of salty air fills my lungs. I inhale your scent deep inside.

You bring life to my dark desert. You bring water to my desiccated soul. Your words stir up truth and light. You are a balm of healing.

I have felt the birth of love, roots pushing deep inside my spirit. Breaking apart the old pieces of me. My cries of ecstasy are found in this new life.

You speak these words and I long to own them. Ache for them to be mine. I want to be yours and yours alone.

Waves of your light crash against my shores, over and under and again. You melt into my skin, I lift my head and there you are. I twist my neck and again it’s you.

Rays of life spreading across my cheeks. I blossom.

tara caribou | ©2019

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

35 thoughts on “Radiance

        1. You guys just need to keep the oil flowing, the salmon and caviar coming and the… eh… crabs… y’all do crabs right? I’ve watched History Channel. Or maybe it was Discovery…

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