Vault of Heaven

she smiles, peering from high above
her laughter, the breeze
upon the cheeks of men
even the mountain stretches forth to attain her

yes, her countenance
blesses all who touch her

her hair, feathering, white and radiant
on some mornings or
billowing and untamed
on some afternoons or
shadowed and crowned
in the sun’s final light of the evenings

inclining her ear,
she harkens to the musings of the heavens
murmuring, she whispers wisdom below
an upward glance from the visage of men,
a faint movement of lips,
a prayer lifted:
desperation or defiance or damnation
or a request for deliverance
she observes and accepts impartially
yet with all tenderness

occasionally cleansing her spirit,
her tears dropping wherever they may:
mists of sorrow, downpours of purity
drizzling mediocrity, a deluge in fury

she has witnessed the movement of many
choked with debauchery
defiled by the corruption of would-be gods
ignored and worshiped

still she blesses and infuses her life
into theirs
spinning, always roaming, across
a landscape she will never step foot on

tara caribou | ©2020

23 thoughts on “Vault of Heaven

    1. Thanks so much Mark. It truly touches my heart when a piece reaches people. This one was fun to write. A little different for me and I think it’s good to push one’s boundaries here and there. To grow and change.

      The debauchery of pollution! Noise, light, etc.


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