In The Dim Light

It’s in the middle of the night that I miss you most. Your body beside me. Soft and warm. When I could turn over and stroke your face, your throat, your belly. Your thigh. The dark hours becoming a tinge of grey near the edges as I whisper your name, that I love you. Gazing at your silhouette in the dim light, the taste of you on my lips and myself on your fingers. Memories of your voice in my ear, husky with want and fervor. Your fingers laced in my hair. Holding on to these moments, I miss you all over again.

tara caribou | ©2020

18 thoughts on “In The Dim Light

  1. Tara, you always make me feel the mood of the poem. This almost hurts me to read: “Holding on to these moments, I miss you all over again.” I think anyone can relate to this, no matter the place that the missing comes from.

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        1. I appreciate your kindness. There are those who disagree with you so finding a few people who appreciate my writing, which comes from deep inside my soul, it helps those negative comments fade a little.


        2. I hope not too many that disagree, but sure we’ll always have those negative comments. They always say its good for a writer to stir up love or hate, just not indifference. So you’re doing something right when you write! And in the end I do think that writing that comes form the soul is necessary.

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