Oh how my thighs miss the graze of your teeth, bruises as badges

The heat of your breath on my silky petals, the taste of your magnificent tongue

My nails graze my belly on up beneath my breasts, soft skin whimpering

How the curve of my back where it joins my ass, shadows of your fingers gliding

A burning trail of lips, the tip of your tongue, an ice cube along my shoulder and neck

That soft place at my inner elbow to my tender wrist, suction and smell

You’d kiss my feet gently, I loved it, hated it

Your thumb stroking my cheek, turning toward you, half a smile, caressing my lip instead, exposing my teeth, my tongue curling around that pad, a sharp intake of breath and your eyes lifted and I saw fire there beneath those deep dilated discs

I became whole and completely disintegrated when your soul washed over mine. A wave crashing on my shore, shattering me, a million grains mixed, swirling, being swept along as you pulled back away. Again and again you formed and reformed me. I’m an ever-changing sandbar, with you, the force that shapes me.

The last time I felt your lips brush mine, I stood stiffly as if will alone would hold my heart together, yet the moment you turned your back my dam broke and I lay here memories upon memories. Grains of you and I, eddies amongst the tide pools of who we once were.

tara caribou | ©2020

Read this and more like it in my poetry book, Fallen Star Rising.

33 thoughts on “Sandbar

  1. I like the way you built up the emotions, each layer becoming more intense, until the second to the last stanza, which was a perfect transition that allowed everything to sink in, and in the conclusion, the dam breaks, and all the emotions pour out. Nicely written. Brian

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    1. Thanks Brian. This piece is special to me for some reason. It took me a couple days to craft, sadly, as I felt it just wasn’t right…. until suddenly it was. I read it carefully before I scheduled it and I thought similar to your comment. So, thank you. I really appreciate that.

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  2. Very powerful writing, so beautiful and sensuous. I love the image of the sea and the waves crashing connected with love and passion. The water element is related to our emotions and feelings.

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