Like Peas in a Pod

like peas in a pod we go together like bananas and yogurt… you be the banana ummm I’ll be the yogurt, go on, dip into my creamy depths but oh I’m getting ahead of myself…

yes, that voice of yours, I could listen to for hours while you talk about science and geeky things and I go on about conspiracy theoreticals

by the way, you’re oh so thoughtful and sexy and far too nice to me for sometimes, just sometimes, you even send me pics of your forearms which as you know, I totally adore… (please, send me more)

I think in this moment right now I’d really like to go for an autumn walk with you and listen to the birds sing their song and we can watch the moonrise and perhaps a bunny or two

and if I’m really lucky, you’ll take my hand in yours, and turn me toward you and you’ll kiss me on the neck and let your lips graze my ear as you whisper math secrets only I can hear

tara caribou | ©2020

I finally got some sleep and this is what I write. Go figure…

14 thoughts on “Like Peas in a Pod

    1. There’s this amazing yogurt, and I feel I could literally bathe in it, it’s so delicious. I’ve been told that’s weird… so what, I stock up whenever I see it!! I could totally go for a banana and that yogurt right now!

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