The Cycle of Life part I

The first note of awareness wasn’t a quick sharp thing. It was a greying at the edges of deep black. A slow brightening. A stretching. And then you were. There had been violence to your creation. There was all around you essence of something else. You pulled in and absorbed it.

You realized now that you were cold. Deep inside you hummed. It was a simple, low song. You felt heat in your innermost being. You pulled in more of the surrounding violence and thrummed out your song deeper until a great heat burst out.

Illumination. You stretched your senses. A vast nothingness. On the surface you spun and burned. Inside you were deep within deep. Someone came near, but not too near. You pulled but they turned and began to circle you at a distance. You observed one another. Someone else joined but kept their distance. After a time, another, only this one came much closer, too close perhaps. You kept pulling and observing and humming and shining.

They sang to you as well, though in different pitches and different songs. Vibrating from within. You sensed their warmth but it was nothing like your own. You watched them and you learned. Not far away you noticed movement on the outside of one of them. If you concentrated, you heard their song, those that had been created themselves, so small.

Fascinated, you observed their movement, their fast-tempo vibrating at such a frequency that you struggled to fully understand. There was a beauty to it. It was foreign and alluring. Inside you felt heavy. So very heavy. Your notes, deep and strong. Your inner heat radiating. You pulled harder and your great heat devoured one of those who came too close. Their song melting rather quickly to silence.

You startled, unaware it had been possible. Emboldened, you stretched your notes even lower and you became heavier still. The songs of the minuscule ones stilled. Then you devoured another and another. The heat in your belly raged as you grew. Until in the same violence with which you came to existence, you felt yourself explode….

tara caribou | ©2020

continued in part II…

13 Comments on “The Cycle of Life part I

  1. This reminds me a little of a precursor to a series you did some time ago. It is also like a creation story (with a twist), and also works as a great metaphor for growing and finding one’s way to protect oneself. Really enjoyed this, Tara.
    Btw I’m having problems with my ‘like’ button – rest assured I’m still reading!

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    • I’ll be interested to hear your take on the whole project once it is complete. I’m also curious as to which precursor you are speaking of. It’s not bringing anything to mind.

      It’s definitely a creation story. This particular life is the birth, life, and death of a star and its solar system, planets and life on one of the planets.

      (And it’s showing your “likes” on my page.)

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      • I was thinking of the ‘Planets’ series that you posted some time ago (sorry I can’t remember the title). They, for me, were very symbolic, each acting as a metaphorical conceit. This piece, I felt, linked to them as it personified the process of creation and gave the world its own personality.
        Hope this makes sense, and I shall look forward to reading more!

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  2. Tara…this is a really special work. It is like a great song that seems to stay relevant over the course of decades. The lyrics are just vague enough to allow for personal interpretation. I felt it deeply – my mind felt illuminated. Every now and then I save a particular writing to ponder – this is one such piece.


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