Creating Art

Just for fun, here’s some fun art projects I’ve been working on. No reason other than the act of creation. Hope you enjoy….

When a kid asked me if I can paint a hedgehog, this is what I did. I’ve never drawn, let alone painted, a hedgehog. So be kind. (Her response when I showed her: “where’s the treehouse?” Sigh. There’s just no pleasing some eight-year-olds LOL)

5-minute pencil sketch exercise
Work in Progress – I need to pick this back up again

tara caribou | ©2020
How about you? Are you creating art?

30 Comments on “Creating Art

      • The first picture with the trees is really deep and unusual! But then you’re really deep so I’m not too surprised. I couldn’t draw a hedgehog or an octopus, though I might be able to cause some hilarity if I tried 🙂

        I’m doing okay, thanks. Expecting some author copies of some of my books to arrive in the next couple of hours. I know you appreciate what an exciting moment that is in the author / publisher journey! Other than that I’m just trying to remain cool as it’s sizzling hot today.

        How are things with you? (Sorry I wasn’t sure whether to post another comment because you might not want to have a ‘catch up’ in your comments section!) So I’ll leave it at this 🙂

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        • Thank you Steven. My email is always available too 😊 Ugh summer, right?! It’s been pretty nice here. Some lovely rain, some sun, not blazing hot but not too cool either. Quite nice. I’ve been staying pretty busy, though fairly disconnected from the screen. I’ve been out in nature as much as I can, which is truly a blessing. I’ve also spent quite a bit of time in meditation and deep thought. Pondering the things of this world along with some of the deep thoughts that you have brought to my attention in your posts. These are interesting days we are living in and I am curious your thoughts on them.

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  1. No such talent here.
    Hedgehogs were the first things that I noticed in that piece. I thought you did a great job. A tree-house? In a coniferous forest? Never seen one. Silly 8-year-old.
    My problem is with one of the trees appearing to be falling. Hopefully, the hedgehogs keep away.

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    • Hahaha! I like your take. The leaning tree isn’t going anywhere soon…

      But where I live, it’s all spruce, some birch and cottonwood. So growing up, yeah, it’s treehouses in spruce trees 😳 which means sap and needles but you work with what ya got. When I was growing up, me, my sisters, and the other two neighborhood kids spent two summers building an awesome treehouse wayyyy up between two spruce trees (that were connected at the base). There was a lot of sap to contend with but we were proud of it.

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  2. Your art work is wonderful! I love the birch trees and the hedgehogs are very cute! Eight-year-olds see the bigger picture… don’t be discouraged!

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