stars sail across the sky
as they fly by I snatch their tails
a trail of glitter left behind and
my hair a comet’s tail
it’s bitter cold but the lights
are so clear from up here
I wonder why I didn’t grab hold sooner

tara caribou | ©2020

19 thoughts on “Comet

      1. … thinking sometimes the right time chooses us, not the other way around … i try not to second guess my embracing or grabbing hold of someone/thing, likewise when i let go – seems regret feels worse than accepting i will never know 😉 i liked the contrast of the ride, but also the unspoken contrast against ‘before’ – what was left to the imagination there was interesting …

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  1. Perfect bliss. “…hair a comet’s tail” I can really see this. And how with the extreme cold your heightened senses would lead you to experience this. The cold certainly sharpens awareness and is inviting in its own mysterious way.

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  2. I love this image you created. The last line really resonated with me. It just reminded me of all the fears we have about things, all the chances we never take, and then most times we take them and we wish he had done it sooner. It’s a motivating poem you’ve created here. I needed to read something like this today! Thank you!

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