July In My Corner of Alaska, If You Don’t Mind

Hey friends. How are you? I haven’t forgotten about you… I really haven’t. But what I HAVE been doing is fishing and other Alaskan subsistence things. In lieu of actually writing… I hope you’ll accept some photos as penance for my lack of reading all your fine works. I’ll be back into the swing of things again probably next week. See you soon!

Year old moose snacking outside my bedroom window.

New baby bunnies on the property.

Pushki (aka cow parsnip) flowers.
Teeny-tiny flowers.
Almost all-ripe moss berries.
Set net. Fishing for salmon the old way.
Fishing the modern way.
11pm and just about to pull out the net for the next tide.

Sunsets and clouds.

So many rainbows lately.

Bald eagles. This day I stopped counting at 45 of them within my view.

Love and light, friends.

~tara caribou

48 thoughts on “July In My Corner of Alaska, If You Don’t Mind

    1. Whaaat?! Way cool. I’m not sure the eagles and vultures are much different, really. Opportunistic feeders. I believe similar in size *checks with google* oh.. the eagle is a bit bigger but still… very cool to observe, either way.

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    1. Interesting. I hadn’t heard that. I always find it interesting when these huge birds will get chased off by little crows or seagulls or one day it was a bunch of I don’t know sparrows or chickadees or other small bird. Like, it’s a huge bird with a sharp beak and huge talons…. being harassed by smaller ones.

      Also, this summer I have seen on two occasions an eagle swooping down and getting a fish out of the water. So amazing to see in person.


    1. I’d be more than happy to mail you some Goldie. That seagull was a couple feet away. I have several shots of eagles very close as well. They know that I mean them no harm. I am blessed to live here, in my opinion.

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    1. It’s not so bad. Back to losing about five minutes of daylight each day again 🥺. Last night it was raining and of course dark clouds… it was actually dark outside! lol Felt weird for this time of year.

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