and for my next act?
what would you like me to be today?

perhaps I need to stay up late
and recite some poetry for you?
move you with my words
or would you rather I put on some beats
in the background
and moan a little?
do I turn you on?
here’s my camera, if I sit just right I can almost appear sexy…

something more?

perhaps I should slide this red dress off slowly and bend over in my heels
undulating hips and parted lips
croon a little song as desire slips
down. my. thighs
oh for you, only you, of course
do you want me now?


let me put on some makeup and
dress like a doll, hair styled, lips smiling
pull me off the shelf when you need me
I’ll sit pretty and open my mouth
whenever/however you want me to

anything you like

should I lay down early in the evening
so you can play with me in your own time?
I’m always ready for you
I set everything aside for you
I am nothing without you

what else can I say?
let’s see….
you’re the most amazing person I ever met
you turn me on
you’re all the best parts of me
you’re my inspiration…

lies, lies, lies…
my tongue is bloody and raw
my eyes long since dried
patched skin and tight lips
I forgot what the sky looked like

(I would never treat you the way you treat me
always quiet and respectful, naturally)

(please can I have my pen and paper back?)
I’m not her
I’m me
take off the her-glasses
please for the love of everything pure
can’t I just for once stop performing and

tara caribou | ©2020

32 thoughts on “Performances

  1. It was like being on a rollercoaster. The last few lines remind me of the slow screeching halt of a wild ride. It felt like a sinking feeling to read, but I could relate to personally to it.

    Liked by 2 people

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