A Vivid Memory

Undressed you a million times,
In a million different ways,
In my mind a vivid memory,
I can paint you blindly,
I feel like you’re breathing inside of me,

My hands keep wandering over my hips,
Along the curves of these thighs,
Delicious words echo in my mind.
As memories of those lives long-passed flow,
I exhale your name, draw you into my lungs.

I see your smile in every star,
Every constellation is an image of you,
In my mind a vivid memory,
I can write about you endlessly,
Look in my eyes if you need to believe, 

Delicate sighs spread over delicate lines,
I taste you on my lips.
Faded remembrances, books and books,
Pages filled with you, our love, our union,
Beyond time, our hearts called to each other.

Gentle winds whisper your name,
Over and over soothing my soul,
In my mind a vivid memory,
A thousand lifetimes gone by,
A thousand reasons to kiss you under the moonlight

So much to say, so much for you to hear,
Sweet crystal tears flow free
Watering seeds planted so very long ago.
My tongue curls around your name
And something grows behind my ribs.

I search for you beyond our dreams,
Connected by radiant energy,
In my mind a vivid memory,
Twin flame missing puzzle piece,
This is the true essence of two hearts with one beat,

A million bittersweet memories
Built from a thousand new lifetimes,
This glowing energy courses and flows.
Brilliant and effervescent,
This love casts shadows across the universe.

john graser + tara caribou | ©2020

Another collab with this guy!

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