I’m a temporary fix
You’ve got a hole in your heart
She hurt you, right?
She neglected you
She doesn’t meet your eyes any longer
She shrugs her shoulder
When you reach for her
So you look around
I’m standing here
And it seems the stars have aligned
You’ve got special glasses
You see what you want to see
But it’s not me
It’s her
It’s her in a me-suit
And all that passion
All that creativity
All that longing
All that love you have for her
You pour out on me/her
I’m the stand-in
I am nothing at all

tara caribou | ©2020

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

21 thoughts on “Stand-In

    1. I think the important thing, too, is to be honest and real. If you’re going to “move on”, allow yourself to actually move on. Don’t treat someone else like the stand-in who will never be who you want them to be. Likewise, have the dignity and open eyes to recognize when you’re being used.

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  1. “It’s her in a me-suit”
    is it really her, or is it what they thought she was or what they wanted her to be or thought they could make her?
    is this the first time they have got it horribly wrong, or are they making a career out of it …
    maybe they only have a love for something constructed in their own mind, and only ever will …

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  2. another great one… not sure how I feel about the “me/her” part… it doesn’t take away from the poem… it just kind of makes you sound unsure… which you don’t seem to be at all in the rest of the poem… not sure what you could replace it without losing the impact of… “You pour out on”… though… either way still great…

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    1. What I was saying with that, meaning the “her in a me-suit”… carried over into that line, meaning it’s all poured out on me… but in their eyes it’s actually poured out on her. I could have said, me (her). Or something else. But that was my meaning. Thanks for reading Layne.

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