Shadow Ghost

my heart is melting in my chest
everything is blurry
I’m constricting, constricting, reducing
the pain is so large
but I have become so small
a tiny insignificant thing
you never noticed my disappearance
I’m a ghost now
a shadow of former things
a former me
maybe I was never real to begin with

tara caribou | ©2020

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

18 thoughts on “Shadow Ghost

  1. You really captured this period of painful emotion so well. It is sad when we feel like we have faded into nothing in the eyes of someone we care deeply about. Perhaps it is actually the case…in their eyes. Fortunately, another person’s validation (even though we may crave it) doesn’t determine or define our existence.

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  2. Touching and a feeling that I can relate to easily. Do we only exist in the eyes of others and they in ours? The imposed restrictions of late certainly evoke such thoughts.
    A fine poem, Tara.

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