You attempt to crawl inside my head
Inside my head
Inside my head
You attempt
But you don’t know me
You think you do
But I know better
That you see what you want
You see what I let you
So you attempt to creep and slither
To break and enter
To place inside of me
A piece of you
But you’re wrong
Inside my head
Is not where you belong
You’ll never understand
Never understand

tara caribou | ©2020

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

12 thoughts on “Inside

      1. sometimes it feels like a battle so hard that one welcomes the relief of defeat … yet the cost is so big, that one saves the biggest fight for the ending surprise, to say, you didn’t see this coming, you thought you had me.
        stamina isn’t always an amazing display of strength and overwhelming triumph. sometimes it is an amazing display of determination almost desperation at a time when all seems lost.
        never let go?
        never let go!

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