Still I Stayed

I didn’t give up on you
No, I couldn’t just walk away
You tried to hide your face from me
And yet I stayed

I stayed through the dark hours
Through the hot glistening tears
I stayed when laughter barked roughly
Tearing from your throat
Harsh reminders of harsher days

I stayed when you had to leave the light on
Shadows within shadows
Playing games in your mind
I stayed when you threw the book at me
Glancing off my shoulder

And then you yelled
Screamed you didn’t want me but
The terror in your eyes
Spoke a different truth

You clung to hope and love
Even as you tried to save me from yourself
Pushing against me and our love
Still I stayed

I stayed when you took another lover
In that last ditch gamble
That final shove of desperation
As you listed every reason why I should go

Of course I know you’re not perfect
But you’re just right for me
So take my hand, we’ll figure this out
Let’s walk this path together
Perfect in our imperfections, we

tara caribou | ©2020

17 thoughts on “Still I Stayed

  1. I love how this was bursting with emotion Tara!!!! Sending you all the love possible. I really enjoyed reading this hehehehe.

    Liked by 1 person

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