Devil in the Details

He came upon me one early evening as I lay with my head resting upon the bench, one hand clutched over my breast the other draped across my eyes. My heart was filled, as always, with love and longing. The many lonely nights ebbing and flowing through my wretched being. Long ago there had been one who had held me close and whispered love within my ear. But now he has gone just as with many others before and since. I seem to have, perhaps, a curse upon my life.

hello my darling
i’ve heard your pleas
come to me my darling
rest your head upon my knees
i can grant you anything
name it, it is yours
i can make it all come true
all of it and more
come closer now my lovely
whisper softly into my ear
what is it you desire
tell me now my dear
is it riches or fast cars
a mansion in the hills
a quill that writes only the truth
or is it less about the frills
love and happiness
the man from your dreams
to lay you on a bed of silk
writhing passionate screams
tell me please my precious
for you are my chosen one
tell me what you dream about
and surely it’ll be done

And there he stood before me, though I’d seen him not approach. He looked to me to be quite enticing and delicious and I immediately wondered what it would be to taste and then devour him. His black pants were well fitting with his black shirt and black leather vest. His beard was oiled and groomed and his head freshly shaven. But it was his eyes that caught my attention which were golden brown almost as if on fire and I felt heat instantly radiate from him to me. His words dripping like honey for my lips to suck and lick.

i see your passion
and i hear your pleas
now now my lovely
resting on your pretty knees
you’re filled with hunger
one only i can sate
with all of my talents
you won’t have to wait
come closer my darling
let me gaze upon you whole
i hear your panting
now let me taste your soul
oh the things i can give
make your fantasies real
no need to stand up
you look lovely where you kneel
your lips look lovely
and your pulse is so fast
it’s been so long now
let’s make this last
i’ll whip you into a frenzy
i will drive you quite mad
and when i’m finished
it’ll be the best you’ve had

Oh how I was lured to him, his voice weaving delectable dreams before my very eyes. The web cast and tied, slowly he reeled me in and I was pulled nearly unable to control my own body, nor did I want to, in part. I could well-nigh taste him upon my hungry lips. There was a scent about him which enticed me, held me. Spellbound so was I, that I scarcely noticed the tightly rolled scroll resting there upon his palm, though I was certain it had not been present mere moments before. Hesitating, I reached for it, wondering what this was in which he held for me.

but first to business
a contract we must seal
and then to the pleasure
after we’ve made this deal
you’ve come to the crossroads
and you’ve bared it all
oh the things we’ll do
the rise before the fall
we’ll do horrible things
things i do quite well
i’ll take you to heaven
then you’ll willingly go to hell
you see this forked tongue
oh the places it will go
you’ll shake and you’ll quiver
you will reap what you sow
i just need a drop of blood
and your signature
then we’ll get to the sinning
darling you smell so pure
so come here my sweetest
give it all to me
and you’ll learn how delicious
that this devil can be

A moment’s hesitation, a second’s clarity, was this to be my future: all my heart’s will made flesh found within him, this fallen dark angel of delight and desire? Every shred of hungry woman inside me screamed out with need and want and lust and passion, this god would fulfill me in every way I could ever dream. And yet every strand of my human mind whispered, his promises were fleeting and the price far too rich. My body appeared to choose for me and I watched with horror along with utter delight, my whole becoming duality, while I moved as if in a dream slowly, slowly stretching forth my trembling fingers up toward him, the one who could free me.

prick your finger darling
place your name on this line
you want me to set you free
give in to your desire and sign
do you feel that tingle growing
have you ever felt this need
that throbbing between your legs
sign, sign and then you’ll be freed
once the deal is completed
all your darkest dreams made real
every single fantasy granted
i’ll make you pant and squeal
imagine every twisted desire
and that is where we shall begin
once you give yourself to me
you’ll drown in an ocean of sin
take you to the highest peaks
just give me your immortal soul
together we will burn the world
then i will devour you whole
don’t you see it’s already done
it’s too late you belong to me
together we will make them pay
from now throughout eternity

mike ennenbach & tara caribou | ©2018

working with mike is always such a thrill. he has this way of looking into human nature and giving it a little twist that just kinda kicks you in the… uh, throat sometimes. I am honored he agreed to write with me again. I’m nearly blushing over here.

23 Comments on “Devil in the Details

  1. You make a literal deal with the Devil sound so very sexy. Which is kind of the point: the Devil is a seducer, a corrupter, not a usurper. So that’s meta right there, and I loved, LOVED this. The poems intercut with thoughts, oh yes.

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    • Right?! Yes! I thought Mike did so wonderful. In mind, his bit is what mine flowed around. His was what really made it all work. I also liked the two very distinct voices.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. The way you put the poem in between the seduction gave me the realization that it would be easy to make that deal at that very moment and I guess it happens all the time.

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