Part I

time, they say, is both long and short
wasted or used or perhaps our master
something to fear and hate
yet I say time is nothing
when viewed through the lens of me and you
time has lost its power, its sway, its hold
it has not become weak or silent, no
instead it ceases to be

Time, we see, is both a Spiritual and Physical
The facetious connection is utterly irresistible
To both mine and your Soul
Time has humbled our hearts, their beats, its Energy

Together, we have conquered time

Part II

gravity, that which pulls two objects
ever toward one another,
appeared suddenly, as if by chance
the vast reaches of the years became nothing
I felt your pull and you, you gravitated to me
we had been orbiting one another all along
ever spiraling inward, could this be
something we had devised in the beginning?

Gravity, the situation explained throughout its intensity,
Grasped blatantly, as if by chance the Angels whispered far beyond eternally
I felt your kiss and you, you gravitated its touch
Worlds apart
The connection seems unbreakable
Faithfully praying for more

Together, we create our own gravity

Part III

and so without the constraints
of time or gravity
we appear to have no mass
yet incredible depth and width and height
we are energy
and we bend light and devour darkness
we control movement, displace atoms
together, energy is you plus me

And as one, guided by the Angelicly Divine
Everlasting far exceeds a thousand lifetimes
3.14³ far beyond the reaches on the dark side of the pale light gleaming off of the moon,
An infinite calculation
True Radiance connected me to you

Together, we are love in its purest form

tara caribou + john graser | ©2020

Another collaboration with John and it was such a wonderful experience writing with him again.

24 thoughts on “Alpha/Omega

  1. This is stunning work, Tara, congratulations to you both. To me it truly captures how love breaks down all the constraints that we impose upon ourselves and surpasses other forces of Nature.
    Love, it is true, is all.

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  2. This piece is incredible. It feels like a transformation, the joining of two forces into something beyond human comprehension. I love the subtle touch with the title Alpha/Omega: that choice adds to the idea that the love here is not bound by either one of those choices. Conscious or unconscious, it’s incredibly profound 🙂

    “Love in its purest form” is such a solid line in reference to this poem. Love conquers all, and through this poem, you and john showed us how.

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    1. (Your comment was in Spam for some reason 😡) Thank you! I was indeed going for “beyond human comprehension” and that this thing we say is love is above and beyond all that. All the human reasoning and science and mathematics can’t ‘solve’ this one. It is it’s own study all by itself.

      I enjoy your very thoughtful comments.

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  3. I read other peoples comments on your collaboration and see it is highly regarded … doesn’t that sound cold and flat but I don’t mean it like that – I often struggle to respond at all, let alone in a way that truly conveys an appreciation for how the writing of someone else has hit me. Again, this took me on a journey and it was truly a pleasure to walk alongside while this unfolded – a thought provoking and embracing collaboration. Thank you.

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