And I Breathe

the first time I inhaled you
I became cleansed
your oxygen fills
all the stale places within me
how did you do that?
how did you infuse yourself
into my every thought?
I breathe in, it’s you
I breathe out, it’s you
how am I able to see colors
where there were none?
I am alive now
I am real

when you went away
I emptied of all
that was good and freeing
I feel the shackles of depression
tighten over my wrists
am I desiccated and shriveled?
sleep eludes me
even as I sink into it
in my dreams you remain
it’s there I hear your voice
your hands are finally touching my skin
there is nothing between us
except reality

when you re-entered my atmosphere
my heart leapt for joy
that which was dormant
springs back to life
I feel whole and I know
you are more
than mere dreams and memory
every good thing inside me
is realized in you
the darker things
they fade into the background
sinking beneath the grass
I stand tall once more

to me,
you are the stars and the moon
in my night sky
you are the crisp autumn air
filling my lungs
you are the salty sea spray
and the rolling waves on my shore
you are the molten lava
flowing down my cliffs
you are the center of my core
magnetic and majestic
and everything I could have ever hoped for
and then so much more

tara caribou | ©2020

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

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