Indulgence (meet me at the carnival pt 5)

A sticky path connects the labyrinth of tents

Discarded cups and corn dog sticks

Teeth nibbling hand-dipped corn on the cobs

Cotton candy art pressed into flowers

She blushes as you hand him six dollars

Her painted lips the same color as

The candied apple in her grip

Nostrils accosted by deep fried anything

Cookies, pickles, ice cream, elephant ears

Smoke billows from the barbecue truck

Blue ribbon ribs and a cup of secret recipe sauce

Sno cones color tongues blue

Gluttony quite overlooked three days a year

Wallet thinner yet heart happier

Memories made eating good food with loved ones

tara caribou | ©2020

17 thoughts on “Indulgence (meet me at the carnival pt 5)

  1. Great, now I’m hungry for more junk food than my teeth or arteries can handle. Really wasn’t hoping for a sugar craving this time of night. Yes, this poem has done this. As with the other installments of this series, it is… delicious… GET IN MAH BELLEH!

    Also, on a more serious and less ravenous note, I did love the image of cheap feel-good food bringing feel-good memories. All the colors of the concession stands, all the warm oranges and yellows, all the bright reds and pale turquoise all jump out at you as the “camera” pans around, snapshots of poisonously brilliant specks of pure color, cut, snap, cut, snap. The rapid-fire assault on the senses is almost as palpable as the memory-taste of sugar on my tongue.

    (I am waiting for the next chapter with impatience. I have poured sugar on my nails and I am biting them in anticipation.)

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  2. Beautiful depiction of childhood wonder at the funfair! You always paint these gorgeously vivid images that leap out at the reader – ‘Wallet thinner yet heart happier’ – perfect!

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