Freakshow (meet me at the carnival pt 4)

Pay the tiny man a pretty penny

Pull back the flap, eyes wide no blinking

Fifty pounds of piercings glitter and gleam

Makes one wonder how he sleeps

Two for the price of one

Three legs, two torsos, two heads

Will she ever find love outside of this tent?

Tattooed scales writhe across his skin

Filed teeth and a forked tongue slithering

Her skin stretches beyond belief

Fire doesn’t burn him

Darbos the Monkey Girl swings from a ledge

Body parts preserved in jars line the back wall

Well placed lighting and a scratchy record

A night of horrors revisits you long after you leave

tara caribou | ©2020

23 thoughts on “Freakshow (meet me at the carnival pt 4)

  1. I am loving my stroll through this carnival. The freakshow plays out like a walk through a tunnel, beset on both sides by the freaks making up the show – snapshots of eye-kick details jumping out at you like a never-ending nightmare. What fun!

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  2. Wonderfully captured, and so Victorian, but I can’t escape the metaphor here for the horrors of youth, which both ties in and contrasts with all that has gone before. Really enjoying the ride, Tara.

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  3. Tara this series brings back such memories for me, as a child lived close to the Exhibition grounds and saw it all, worked there as a teenager (annual two week carney) but the ‘freakshow’ you nailed it, pull back the flap….. wonderful series

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