Carousel (meet me at the carnival pt 2)

Painted cheeks and a fistful of tokens

Girly giggles tugging daddy’s hand with

Cotton candy fingers

Screaming horses stampeding past

Wearing saddles of red and blue

A trumpeting elephant, trunk held high

The giant white rooster’s purple saddle

Garish music begins slowly

Building in tempo and volume

Smudged faces racing past

Gripping striped poles

Covered in handprints four generations deep

Laughter locking in memories

He remembers his own daddy’s face

Wire-rimmed specs and a thin-lipped smile

Never too busy for his little boy

tara caribou | ©2020

23 thoughts on “Carousel (meet me at the carnival pt 2)

  1. This was a bit more eerie than I anticipated, but then again, so are carousels… all those frozen animals gleaming with the varnish, that music.. (shudders) So in a way this captured that feeling. But more than that, I liked that we were seeing this from the boy’s perspective. I could almost see the flashing, golden lights all around the carousel. Well done!

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