You’re losing her, you know? She’s slipping right through your fingers as you watch in slow motion horror. You don’t lift your hands. You don’t open your heart. You simply let her go.

Do you recognize it is coming before the door closes for the final time? Do you? Yes. And even so, you let her go. You remember, as she cries quietly on your bed at night, the way you used to touch her. The way she responds enthusiastically and with passion, fire in her eyes and desire dripping from her lips.

Yet the distance you maintain wears on her, you see that now, and her flame becomes embers and those coals are quickly cooling without your breath to stir them up. You are the oxygen to her inferno, tinder for her fervor, she told you this once, many days ago.

But now you’re losing her. And you keep smoking that cigarette and staring.

tara caribou | ©2020

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

11 thoughts on “Forthcoming

  1. I find this to be a particularly interesting and very well written post.

    Apathy can indeed ruin relationships, but it’s funny how repeatedly fostering synchronicity can push people away as well.

    There’s a delicate balance here, let me know your thoughts.

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    1. Oh yes, absolutely. That’s just it, too. At some point you aren’t going to “measure up” or “fit in” to the ideal. There’s a push and pull. There’s a growing and evolving. (Or there should be…) And certainly there are seasons, both individually as well as in a relationship… you nailed the word: balance. And we need to have it.


  2. Such a poignant piece. I loved the ending. It made me wonder about what he’s thinking about as she slowly slips away. A lot of relationships are like this Tara and some writers write pages trying to portray this truth. You’ve captured it in a few sentences.

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    1. Thanks Nitin. I always appreciate your comments when you’re able to stop by. I wonder what’s going through his mind too… maybe he’s just ready to move on… maybe he’s tired of playing the role… or maybe he’s just apathetic or isn’t being met in some way… perhaps she’s doing all the taking and he’s doing all the giving… there’s just so many possibilities.

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