A Black Door Opened

My sister and I were at my house, though I’ve never been there before, it was, to me, my home. Looking out the windows I could see a huge field that stretched far away, the trees on the horizon would only be an inch tall if you measured between your fingers.

The fields were covered in snow, which softened its dips and curves. There was a small three-walled shed on the north side of the building which had shop tools like a drill press and belt grinder and all sorts of metal-working tools. You could partly see inside it when looking out the window in that wall. It had a slanted metal roof and was fairly tidy.

As my sister and I stood there in the great room talking, the wind picked up, blowing increasingly stronger, until it buffeted the house heavily and caused almost instantly huge snow drifts. I saw pieces of roof fly past. Then the entire work-shop, first the roof and then two of the walls were blown away. I felt safe inside the house but was somewhat bothered by the destruction occurring outside.

Suddenly, within a moment’s time the wind died completely. We stared out the window and I felt a low vibration, just below the sound of hearing. Looking over the field to the trees I saw what at first I thought was a large shadow moving swiftly across the trees but immediately ruled it out as a true shadow because I could see the darkness was all encompassing, as if what it touched no longer existed.

I felt the shadowy darkness move over the house and I believe had I looked up I would not have seen a ceiling above me. In the span on mere moments, I felt a difference in dimensions. A shift, as it were, though I can’t explain what I mean by that.

Though the wall was still there I could see beyond it and watched as two doorways opened in space, blackest of black rectangles side-by-side, opening. I began to lose sensation of my physical body, or it became unimportant, as I became more aware of my Self. I felt an invisible force move me, turning my body 180 facing away from one of the doors as I was simultaneously pulled toward it. My sister was pulled into the other.

Briefly I worried why we were separated but I opened my mouth and uttered “Jesus take me away” though even as I spoke the words, I felt my back and the back of my head disintegrating, molecules bursting apart and the words were stretched and exploded. I felt no fear as I perhaps became a part of the darkness or went elsewhere, I’m not entirely sure…

I immediately awoke but my body felt foreign as if I had been away. I felt different. I began to see visions upon visions upon visions. Faster than I could fully comprehend. It seemed as if something was downloading information into my brain. I saw my third eye open. I saw scenes of the future. I saw a large tube with molecules being sped up to the speed of light being thrown at one another.

I saw formulas and signs and rhythms and mathematics and extraordinary things and alignments and on and on. I could not comprehend fully what was happening or all that I was seeing and I was not scared, only somewhat bewildered as to what was happening. I knew that I needed to sleep to allow my brain to file and process what I had seen and experienced, or else I knew I would become overwhelmed.

When I awoke again, I was clear-minded, feeling refreshed, but still in awe and wonder as to what had occurred.

tara caribou | ©2020

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