Tarot Cards – collaboration

your breath on my neck
brings shivers up my spine

I want to be the one that
kisses you deepest, stops time

your arms circle ‘round me
pulling me tighter into you 

I want to be all those thoughts
lingering around inside of you

lift my hair, breathe me in
I’ve forgotten where I am

deeply, “the depths of ecstasy”
with a whisper in your ear

I want you and you’ve only begun
my lips part, I’m already begging

a breath of intrigue, you to me
a goddess and beauty to equations

your hand flows down my ribs
just like the honey down my thighs

I’m vividly tracing my heart upon
the silhouette of your soul, praying

fingers like magic, tongue like silk
I want you to fuck me

I could gently erotically fuck you
hocus pocus, here goes the key

sense heightened while everything fades
all I know is you and me and you

me watching you watching me clutching you devouring the juices flowing from out of you

penetrate me, tear me right in two
while I pull you in deep, deep, deeper still

breathe, baby breathe, embrace the depths of truly deeply,
it’s paradise in our ecstasy you feel

teeth and lips and hands and hips
no idea where I end and you begin

tongues transfixed the passion is obviously blatant, love is fluid in our language 

take me with you
over the edge and into eternity

you’ve been here with me
just been waiting for me 

from you to be seen…
signed, “yours eternally”

©tara caribou + john graser

Now here’s a man I truly love… he’s awesome and I met him over on Instagram, so no blog to send you to. But he makes my heart incredibly happy and I’ve been enjoying collaborating with him on various projects.

11 Comments on “Tarot Cards – collaboration

  1. Lots of deep feeling in this one. I drawn to a lot of lines, like this one for instane: “I want to be all those thoughts / lingering around inside of you” and this “love is fluid in our language “. Nice work from both of you!

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  2. Magic in writing. It was a journey. I felt many things. Some of which would probably be TMI lol lovely collaboration as always 🙂

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