Coming Soon… New Books from Raw Earth Ink

I’m excited to share some great news… be looking for new books in the coming months.

First I’d like to introduce Brandon White: poet, musician, artist, father and all around super nice guy… you can find him over on Instagram @brandonwhitemusicandpoetry.

His debut book of poetry will be available in May. It’s a deeply heartfelt walk through grief as Brandon sifts through all the thoughts and emotions watching the deterioration and then loss of his father. Absolutely gorgeous work.

On the heels of this, you’ll be seeing the poetry and art anthology, The Poets Symphony. This is a collection of poetry, artwork, lyrics, and more from thirty-one artists and writers. You’re going to love this one. It contains some incredible art, photography, and verses all centered on the theme of music.

There’s definitely more in the line-up, so keep your eyes peeled here.

As always, you can also pick up a copy of my poetry book Fallen Star Rising, either directly through me (if you’re in the US) via my buy page or from the printer directly (recommended), Barnes & Noble, or Amazon.

Also, if dark and twisted is your style, I can’t recommend the anthologies Static Dreams highly enough. You get eighteen twisted stories between the two volumes and these guys really put out some awesome work.

You can get both of them from the printer, Barnes & Noble/Nook, Amazon, and iBooks [vol 1] [vol 2].

Anddd… if you do pick up a copy, please take a minute or two to leave a review anywhere. This helps spread the word for Indie authors like us.

Alright guys. Thanks for following and for all the comments/likes along the way. You make this whole world go round.

Love and light,

~tara caribou

14 Comments on “Coming Soon… New Books from Raw Earth Ink

  1. I shall be checking out Brandon’s work asap. Can’t wait to read the poety anthology too. Thanks, as ever, for your hard work and dedication, Tara.

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