I Am Fractal

What is this?
This that you’ve done
to my heart and mind?
I turn to my left and
you are there
I turn to my right
and it’s you

It’s woven throughout all my histories
you, you, you
Trying to wrap my mind
around this as if I could
grasp it like a Thing
a Something to hold and examine

What’s my fear?
What has gripped my mind
and held my tongue?
I wasn’t prepared
I wasn’t looking
Cruising along
Even keeled

I don’t do sudden changes of direction
I need to analyze this
Understand… this, this, this
whatever this is

My mind is painted as such:
I’m all Euclidean lines and perfect graphs
There’s Order of Operations and square roots
I’m totally into dodecahedrons and trigonometry

I’m a fractal
Zoom in, zoom out I look the same
Fuck the chaos
Fuck coincidences
Fuck some random bumping of elbows

Let’s examine statistics, shall we?
What are the odds
What are the chances
That you would see me
And I would see you

And math turns us on
And we both talk through movies
And neither of us care about money
And we’re both filled with passion

Yeah, so how did you do it?
Take over my way of thinking
Consume my soul
Breathe life into my mind
And love me right where I stand

I’m a fractal
Zoom in, zoom out….
I’m different

tara caribou | ©2020

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

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