Night Fades to Morning

As I see it, in the light of you, even the stars dim and pale. I wonder if they ever get jealous. The hours we’ve laid on our backs, blankets spread beneath, side by side and hands entwined, staring up, twinkling, shining, slowly tracing across the sky.

The longer we lay, reclining together, the more everything seems to fade away. We drift in and out. And yet I find myself looking over at you more and out at those stars less.

Somehow you make me want to stay grounded with my feet buried in the dirt rather than flying far away. Somehow you make the impossible feel possible. Somehow you bring morning to my night. I never knew sunrises were so beautiful.

tara caribou | ©2020

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four.

20 thoughts on “Night Fades to Morning

  1. this made me think of the song ‘fade into you’, a favourite of mine that speaks to me about feelings that aren’t mutual but for a time that is blinded, or that scars impede emotional reciprocity and that realisation that creeps in … i noticed there was no mention in your post of the second person responding, other than holding hands and being present – everything felt like it was written from the perspective of the first person who hasn’t yet realised things aren’t what they seem … just like the song … maybe it could have been an earlier verse … maybe ‘fade’ just triggered something … maybe it’s just a dark place i go to sometimes …

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    1. Well I wasn’t inspired by any particular song or anything… I think I was just thinking about a void fading away gently. Like maybe being friends with someone and hanging out dreaming and realizing that maybe it’s become something deeper. Or something like that. I’ll take any interpretation you like. I wasn’t fully awake when I wrote this, admittedly. 💕

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      1. i love an ambiguity that can be embraced or flipped – even more when the author is at ease with interpretation, because for me that is a strong part of writing these kinds of posts. also when people are at easy with contrary opinion – i’ve learned a lot from others countering a point, position, or view that i have externalised.
        did i mention it was really good? probably not.
        it was really good.

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